Most expensive CSGO Inventory Scammed

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The most expensive inventory in the history of Counter Strike : Global Offensive till date has been scammed following the details of the alleged Steam account being compromised a week ago.

CS:GO Skin trader Mark, who goes by the handle @ohnePixel on Twitter, has brought to the community’s attention a scam which saw his colleague’s most expensive inventory in Counter Strike:Global Offensive getting scammed by a Steam user named “caseapia”. The latter had changed the victim user’s details integrated into his Steam ID which included the Email ID and Password without getting notified of the same.

The reported incident saw around 7 Souvenir Dragon Lores getting jacked alongside a no-star Karambit and a plethora of Blue gems as suggested by ohnePixel himself. As of today, a single Souvenir Dragon Lore of Well Worn Quality would put a dent of an approximate figurette of $30,000 USD.

Let that alone, no specific details have been disclosed of the alleged scam but if we figure out the total estimate of the incident, the victim has been dealt a gruesome blow of $2,000,000 USD.

As said by ohnePixel, over half of the items have been quick-sold on the market while the rest have been traded off and are currently awaiting the usual trade hold to lift off.

Update: After a day full of speculations and tribulations, the Steam account hack which saw HFB aka caseapia who had the most expensive CS:GO inventory till date get compromised headlined a gruesome amount of $2,000,000 USD worth in-game items scammed.

Through a Tweet history by Twitch streamer and CS:GO skin trader, @zipelCS, there has been more light shed on the incident where zipel speaks about the details of the scam and its aftermath. The trades containing HFB’s items were undone by Steam support while missing out on a Dragon Lore which was reportedly moved to a storage unit by the Steam User who had bought it. zipel suggests that he is the only person who still have the hacked items in his possessions (2x Souvenir Dragon Lores)

A major point of concern over here is, what about the buyers who actually got the items for real money and with the trades getting reverted by Steam, will they be getting a full refund? A total of $200,000+ USD was invested by people who had no clue about these items across the Chinese and Russian markets. The BUFF marketplace which deals in-game items in exchange of the Yuan currency has made a statement which has promised to refund if Steam decides to roll back 3 pairs of Factory New condition gloves.

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