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Is new Bloodborne game coming in 2023

Bloodborne was one of those titles that left us wanting for more. FromSoftware in collaboration with Sony exclusively launched the title for their flagship console at the time i.e the PlayStation 4.

However as time as passed by, the game has taken a different route, what looked like a title that will be there for years to come in the form of sequels and DLCs, it completely went dark, and gamers have dreaded for a new Bloodborne game ever since.

Bloodborne was a freshly minted entry in the dark gruesome gothic horror genre, which was the main reason for its mass appeal , there has rarely been any game that was able to live upto that kind of hype in PS4 or PS5 for the matter.

Will there be a Bloodborne 2?

Neither FromSoftware nor Sony have straightforwardly shown that a Bloodborne 2 is being developed, nor have they denied it.

However games will frequently end up profound into improvement prior to being uncovered, this may not be the situation with an imminent Bloodborne 2. In a new edition, Hidetaka Miyazaki examined FromSoftware’s tentative arrangements and its continuous improvement endeavors.

In any case, FromSoftware’s next project likely in a beginning of a new title. However it’s speculatively conceivable that a spin-off might be obtained out to another studio like with the redo of Demon’s Souls, this could make for something else entirely should From Software not be the studio creating Bloodborne 2.

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