Boombl4 Interview: More Details revealed on the divorce with his ex-wife

The former Natus Vincere tactician opened up about his feelings post divorce.

Photo: Turtle Entertainment

In a recent interview for Ryze, Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhaylov shed light on the happenings around his life leading up to the divorce with his wife, getting benched by his team Na’Vi followed by the drug allegations forced upon him. The interview was later translated by

Nearly a month ago, a series of Defamatory content including pictures and videos of former Natus Vincere in-game leader Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhaylov were made viral on Twitter previously posted by his ex-wife on a Telegram channel.

To our surprise there has been a lot to the divorce between Boombl4 and his wife which headlines the struggles and toxicity between the couple while their marriage lasted and past their contract was drafted. 

In the interview, Boombl4 reveals the amount of money he spent on his wife, Lika which sums up to a total of 28 Million roughly $533,000. The money handled a part of her mortgage also supporting her life choices including epilation, depilation, her bills for the services from her beautician and raising her child from her ex-partner. 

Boombl4 further tells us about the false case of domestic violence which was filed against him upon the missing tooth of her ex-wife.

“I was lying at home, watching a movie, and she comes out of the shower, and I see that she has no tooth. She acts surprised, runs back to the bathroom, looks for it. It was an implant. Afterward, she wrote a statement to the police about domestic violence.” 

There were some pictures posted on social media with Russian tanks and flags in the background to which Boombl4 often denied uploading them on the internet but were eventually done by his ex-wife. 

“These were my most difficult days mentally. With the photo with the flag, it was like this: she shows that she took this photo. I say, don’t you dare post this. ‘Why?’ I said that it might reflect badly on my career. Two weeks go by; she’s posting it. I ask why; there is no answer, only tears, but I swallow it.” 

It all goes back to when Boombl4 had proposed to his girlfriend in front of a live audience on stage right after winning the PGL Stockholm Major 2021 and got married later although things got never better as there were reports which did suggest the 23-year-old Russian tactician and his wife planned on filing a divorce. The husband and wife had reportedly reconciled but it stands confirmed that the divorce went through. 

Boombl4 had broken up with Lika right before the PGL Antwerp 2022 Major but had promised to her that he would propose to her in front of the crowd if he wins the cup. 

The 23-year-old when asked about the drug usage allegations denied doing them as they left a negative block on his attitude. 

“Well, you saw the tests that I did. You can track them online. She said I was a drug addict. But this is not so, I have a very negative attitude towards drugs. Yes, I tried it once: it was when we flew to Mexico on vacation. I really didn’t like this experience.”

The player regrets his doings and not listening to his friends and close ones. Kirill aims to hop back on the Tier 1 scene one day as he aims to achieve it by any means.