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CSGO Source 2 Update Might Arrive in August: WarOwl Accidentally Leaks

Rumors of the heavily anticipated Source 2 update coming to Valve’s competitive shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have been looming in the air for several years now. While it has been cleared that the Source 2 update won’t bring any drastic visual improvements to the game, the community is still eagerly looking forward to the new engine arriving to CSGO for a number of other reasons.

However, it seems like the long wait for Source 2 might finally be coming to an end this year, as popular CSGO YouTuber and streamer ‘WarOwl’ might just have accidentally leaked the release date of the Source 2 update.

During one of his recent livestreams, a fan asked WarOwl to try out the map editing tool ‘Hammer++’, which is a map editing tool that is primarily used for Source games like CSGO. To this comment, WarOwl replied that while he would love to do that, he’d be postponing that for a while.

“I’m honestly waiting for the Source update in August so that, oh I shouldn’t have said that, so that I can do Hammer 2 with a new map that I can make,” WarOwl said in his livestream.

WarOwl accidentally leaked that the Source 2 update might be coming in August. Now it’s hard to say if he was being serious or it was just satire, so take the news with a grain of salt.

However, should the Source 2 update arrive in August 2022, it’d make a lot of sense since August 21st marks the tenth anniversary of CSGO itself.

Valve shipping out the Source 2 update to CSGO on its tenth anniversary would certainly be a welcome change to the shooter, and fans of the title throughout the globe will certainly be looking forward to the date to see what the devs have in store for the evergrowing player base of CSGO.

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