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What’s the Valorant Crossover event pass?

A complimentary pass has been added to the first person tactical shooter by Riot.

The most anticipated Episode 5 Act 1 is finally here and the season to grind out the brand new Ascendant rank has already begun.

Well at the start of every Act, it is indeed tough to regain back your rhythm from the previous season to get back your rank and that’s where you go the extra mile to stay one step ahead.

Now to commemorate your efforts in weidling back your rank from the previous Act, Valorant has added a 18-day Crossover pass which puts a lot of goodies up for grabs including Radiante points alongside player banners and cards.

What is the Crossover pass in Valorant?

The brand new Crossover pass in Valorant starts on June 22 which will run for a total duration of 3 weeks. The pass has a track of 7 items which can be acquired as you start playing games and earn XP. As said, there are 7 tiers with 3 Player cards, 2 titles and 20 Radiante points which can help you unlock some weapon and cosmetic upgrades. 

The player cards from the Crossover pass are comic themed with respect to the current storyline and lore of the game. They are named as follows :

  • Shadow Walker – Omen
  • Friendly Fire – Killjoy & Raze
  • Valorant Legion – Cypher, Brimstone, Viper, Omen, and Killjoy

Additionally two player titles are up for grabs which will give you the names to flex : Dimensional and Double Agent.

If you refer to the image above, the Alpha Treat and War Dawgs player cards are yet to be revealed the developers which does hint on a potential return of a similar crossover pass in the future.

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