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How to unlock free reward in the Valorant Crossover Event Pass

Crossover Pass in the latest event battlepass in Valorant. With the latest map and lore both suggesting that the Valorant Agents have finally succeeded in creating a portal to Omega Earth, The Crossover Pass celebrates the Valorant Agent’s arrival on Omega Earth. 

Event Passes are battle passes; Valorant Launches to commemorate a special event with the one before celebrating the release of Arcane. The event passes are similar to battle passes, where you have to gather XP, and the XP would fill out the requirements.

The Crossover Pass has seven tiers in total. The XP requirement of each level increases in step, with the first level starting at 8000, with the last level ending at 19000. The total XP requirement of the pass is 92500 XP. The pass has a time limit of 19 days and would be easy to complete. 

The rewards of the Crossover Pass includes the Titles Dimensional and Double Agent, the second title hinting either at Chamber or at the new agent who might come in the future. 

There are 20 radianites to be collected, especially needed for Pearl as the map runs on Radianites, which are crucial for its sustainability.

Along with these four rewards, there are also four extremely peculiar and comic-esque player cards in the battlepass. If you haven’t watched the new Episode trailer already, I suggest you watch it.

At the end of the trailer, the Alpha Agents Reyna, Killjoy, and Neon end up in a comic store, where they see comics made for their omega selves. The player cards in the battlepass are the comic covers, and not to mention, they are a vibe to play with and feel amazing. 

You can also buy the comics cover posters here

The new Episode also resets your rank, and with the addition of the new rank Ascendant, you have win play five ranked games to unlock your rank, and you can expect a lot of shifts in ranks, as Riot has expressed its interest in moving the ranks up a bit. This Act would be 62 days long and has some exciting things to look forward to.

You can read all the changes and the patch notes for the new Episode here, The new map Pearl, Prelude to Chaos Bundle and More..

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