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VCT Masters Copenhagen: Qualified Teams and Slots

With the near conclusion of Stage 2 Challengers in all the regions, we are on the final leg of the Valorant Champions Tour, with the second and final Masters LAN tournament just around the corner.

VCT Masters Copenhagen is set to kick off next month starting on 7th July, with 12 teams worldwide battling out for 1000 circuit points and a monetary prize. Masters II would be held and hosted on LAN with a Live Audience in Copenhagen, Denmark. The details for the same are yet to be announced. 

There would be a total of twelve teams playing in the tournament, and it would follow a format similar to Masters I, with the top seeds getting a direct slot in playoffs while the second or third seeds would have to fight through group stages.

The slots for each region would be as follows:


EMEA, which is Europe and the Middle East, would get three slots, as there are regional leagues in the region to qualify for EMEA, and the area is large. With multiple countries, there would be three representatives from EMEA. The Challengers event for the same is live and will conclude on 26th June. From EMEA, we already have two representatives in Guild and Fnatic. 

Similarly, For APAC, Regional Qualifiers were played in smaller regions, out of which 20 teams are currently playing the APAC Challengers, With the group stage presently played between 16 teams, out of which eight teams would make it to the playoffs. The top two teams from the APAC Challengers would then go on to the Masters’ II Copenhagen. 

In North America, the Open Qualifier format was followed, with the group stage for Stage 2 VCT NA Challengers concluding on 12th June. We have the final eight teams fighting it out in the playoffs to qualify for Masters II Copenhagen. Only two of these eight teams would make it to the masters.

South America gets three slots in Masters II. The format followed by South America is a bit different with one representative for Brazil, one from LATAM, and there would be a South American representative, which would be a BO5 match between runner-ups of LATAM and Brazil Challengers.

Each Japan and Korea have one slot, for which the challengers are currently playing, and we’d get the Japanese and Korean representatives by 26th June.

Teams Already Qualified for Masters II Copenhagen:

After defeating M3 Champions(Ex-Gambit), Guild Esports became the first team to qualify for the VCT Masters II Copenhagen. The team was a strong contender in VCT EMEA Challengers I but failed to qualify for the Masters I Reykjavik. 

The second team to qualify from EMEA is Fnatic, who is now representing EMEA for the Third time out of the four times there has been an international event. Fnatic looks strong and would be out for blood after the Masters I debacle.

There would be another EMEA team that’d qualify for the VCT Masters Copenhagen. 

We would also get the representative from the rest of the regions by 26th June. 

All the teams participating would try to win the tournament, not just for the trophy but also for the circuit points. With Valorant Champions already being announced with no direct qualifications, teams from each region would want to qualify using circuit points directly. The rest of the teams from the region would have to go through LCQ to be eligible for the tournament.

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