VCT NA Challengers Playoffs kickoff with Faze Clan taking on 100 Thieves

The Valorant Champions Tour NA Playoffs to start on 16th June, with two top teams to qualify for the VCT Masters: Copenhagen.

VCT NA Challengers

The group stage for Valorant Champion Tour North America concluded on 12th June, with Optic Gaming and XSet at the top of their groups. The Group Stage was a constant battle, and the seedings or which team would make out of the group stage was a continuous tussle until the last day of the group stage.

From Group A, Xset was a constant contender for the Playoffs and was the first team to qualify, While similarly, Optic Gaming from Group B qualified.

From Group A, Along with Xset, Ghost Gaming, 100 Thieves, and NRG esports managed to qualify, with NRG winning over the Guard to win the game. 100 Thieves had a solid start to the tournament, but losing to XSET dropped them to the third seed. At the same time, Ghost Gaming lost only one game to XSET. 

The Guard and TSM had a lousy tournament run but would try to make a solid run in the NA LCQ to qualify for the Valorant Champions. Similarly, Cloud9 blue from Group B faltered despite winning the opening game and failed to qualify for Playoffs. The Sentinels Slump continued with their chances to make it seem slim to the LCQ. 

From group B, Optic, as expected, managed to win over all their contemporaries, only losing to Evil Geniuses. EG had a solid tournament run, and they surprised everyone with their strong performance. Faze Clan made a solid comeback after losing their initial two matches and won the rest of the matches 2-0 to become the second seed. Luminosity stayed strong and managed to qualify after winning our C9B. 

The playoffs are set to start today, 16th June, at 20:00 GMT. The top seeds would have a by in the first rounds, while the last seed must fight through the lower brackets to qualify for VCT Masters Copenhagen. 

Out of these eight teams, two teams would make it to the VCT Masters Copenhagen. 

The opening sets of matches would see, Faze Clan taking on 100 Thieves as the opening match of playoffs.

The second game of the day would see Ghost Gaming taking on EG. The losers of these matches would face NRG and Luminosity the day after. 

The playoffs would be two-week-long, with the finals scheduled for 26th June and hopefully as closed as the Group Stage. For now, the two top contenders to qualify for VCT Masters are Optic Gaming and XSET. At the same time, Faze Clan and 100 thieves have been impressive throughout the rest of the tournament and would like to upset the already established top teams. 

You can follow the tournament on multiple co-streams and watch parties on Twitch and Youtube.