How do you get the max fps command in CSGO?

csgo max fps command

Here are some factors which could help get you a smoother frame rate in Counter Strike : Global Offensive. 

How To Get Max FPS In CSGO?

Setting up your IN-GAME settings

First you need to make sure that your Laptop Power Savings has been turned off as it would throttle the overall performance. Moving on to the Advanced Video settings, lower all the options along with disabling the “Wait for Vertical Sync” option which locks your FPS in accordance with your monitor’s refresh rate if left turned on.

Enabling Multi-core rendering will unlock all the physical cores available on your processor and would avoid core parking. Along with the Vertical Sync option, do note to disable the Motion Blue as well.

Best Launch Option In CSGO:

Launch options can help you gain a significant boost in your FPS. To make changes to your launch options, go to your Steam library, right click on Counter Strike : Global Offensive, go to properties and click on ‘set launch options’. Here are the launch options which you should enter there:

  • -novid
  • -high
  • -threads “Z” : Z denotes the number of physical cores on your processor
  • -freq “X” : X denotes the refresh rate of your monitor

Update your GPU drivers

Make sure you keep your Graphic Card drivers updated from time to time. GeForce Experience enables you to update the same for NVIDIA and Radeon for AMD.


Head on to the Nvidia Control Panel and select add. Once you have selected CS:GO, you will be able to change the settings within the window for the same. 

  • Anisotropic Filtering: OffAntialiasing-Gamma Correction: Off
  • Maximum Pre-rendered Frames: 1
  • Power Management Mode: Prefer Maximum Performance
  • Preferred refresh rate: Highest Available
  • Texture Filtering – Anisotropic sample optimization: Off
  • Texture Filtering -negative LOD bias: Allow
  • Texture Filtering-Quality: High Performance
  • Texture Filtering-Trilinear Optimization: Off
  • Threaded Optimization: On
  • Triple Buffering: Off
  • Vertical Sync: Off