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CSGO Source 2 Update – Will Your PC Be Able To Run It?

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Counter Strike Global Offensive, the premier First Person Shooter has been around for almost 10 years now.

An upgrade over it’s previous versions like CS 1.6 and CS:Source, CSGO has become bigger than ever – regularly hitting player peaks of more than a million, as well as a thriving esports scene. But one thing that is still lacking in CSGO, is a new engine.

CSGO runs on the Source engine developed by Valve. The 3D Game engine, encoded in C++ was launched by Valve in 2004.

Almost 18 years later, the engine is still being used for CSGO, a game that is played by a million players worldwide. And one demand that is common among all  the players, is a demand for porting CSGO to the Source 2 engine.

That begs the question, will your PC be able to run CSGO at its peak when Source 2 comes around?

It is common knowledge now, that CSGO is not the game it used to be. PCs that could get more than 200 frames per second in 2013, won’t be able to get the same performance today. This is because with the passage of time, and regular updates, CSGO has become harder and harder to run.

CSGO has become more hardware demanding, with updates to the maps, UI, main menu and almost every other aspect. Optimisation has been slow, and hard to come by and getting the absolute best performance is quite a hard task now.

Source 2 would only add to the problem. Porting CSGO to source 2 has been rumored a lot in recent times. The mention of CSGO Sticker position in Source 2 has fans buzzing but will it be worth it?

When DOTA 2 was shifted to the Source 2 engine by Valve in 2015, a lot of tweaks and optimisations were needed before it could give better performance. Users experienced a noticeable decrease in their FPS, and some systems had problems running the game like before.

And with CSGO so heavily dependent on FPS for the best performance, a Source 2 update may not be the best way to go about things.

It has already been discussed though, that shifting an old game to a new engine would be a huge task, and the biggest of the tasks would be the port of CSGO skins. If CSGO Skins and Knives are not transferred to the engine, it is safe to assume the Steam Market will plummet as the items may be rendered useless.

Either way, once an update is on the way it would be best to work on an upgraded rig to get the best experience of CSGO on Source 2.

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