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The Best and Most expensive CSGO Skins and Crafts of 2022


Every year there is an influx of new players in CSGO. It may be old veterans returning or just new players altogether. Be that as it may, what brings them together apart from the love for Counter Strike, are CSGO skins. Valve is kind enough to give players a bunch of new skins to choose from each year and 2021 wasn’t any different.

In 2021, we got Operation Riptide which came with 4 new Skin collections, namely:

  • The Train Collection
  • The Mirage Collection
  • The Dust2 Collection 
  • The Vertigo Collection

With these, came the Riptide case with a ton of new knife finishes for The Butterfly Knife, The Huntsman knife, The Bowie Knife, The Falchion knife and Shadow Daggers – all with Gamma Doppler and lore finishes as well. 

Players weren’t too far behind in crafting new skins, with old stickers of their choice with the most popular ones being from EMS One Katowice 2014 which include perhaps the best stickers ever in CSGO in the form of iBuypower Holos and Titan Holos.

The Most expensive CSGO skins from 2021 –

  1.  ~$155,500 4x iBP M4A4 Howl
  2. ~$154,200 4x Reason AK-47 Wild Lotus
  3. ~$108,000 Mixed AWP Gungnir

 ~$155,500 4x iBP M4A4 Howl

Part of the Huntsman collection, the M4A4 Howl is the only Contraband item in CSGO since it was discontinued as the artists copied the art for it from somewhere. Nevertheless there are still multiple Howl skins in game and the most expensive craft of 2021 was the Howl with 4 iBuyPower Holos from Kato 2014.

~$154,200 4x Reason AK-47 Wild Lotus

The AK-47 Wild Lotus was part of the Shattered Web collection but is still very popular and among the best AK-47 skins. It was crafted with 4 Reason Gaming Holos from Kato 14.

~$108,000 Mixed AWP Gungnir

The Gungnir is often regarded as the best AWP skin, next only to the famed Dragon Lore. It came with Operation Shattered Web and is still very popular with the Pros and Traders alike. It was crafted with Reason Gaming, Vox Eminor, Dignitas and Team LDLC stickers from Kato 14.


4. ~$92,800 4x iBP AK-47 X-Ray

The AK-47 X-ray came with Operation Broken Fang and is often seen in game, particularly in FaZe’s Russel ‘Twistzz’ van Dulken’s hands. It was also crafted with 4 iBuyPower Holos from Katowice 2014

5. ~$92,000 4x LDLC AWP Silk Tiger

AWP Silk tiger came with Operation Broken Fang as well and was crafted with French powerhouse, Team LDLC’s stickers.