NiP add THREAT as strategic coach

Björn "THREAT" Pers will join Ninjas In Pyjamas as a second coach alongside Faruk "pita" Pita. The Swedish tactician previously had two...

Pros appeal to CSGO devs: Nerf SG 553

CSGO had various meta throughout its long tenure in esports. The world's most popular fps is a very strategical game and a...

CSGO: OpTic Gaming disband

After the poor run of OpTic in ESL Pro League Season 10 group stage with a last place finish, Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen had announced that...

New Cache 2019: All the changes made to the updated CSGO Map

One of the most popular maps on CSGO saw an update on 10th of October, after it was added to the Steam...

The new Cache 2019 is now available on the steam workshop

The long awaited update to Cache, made by FMPONE and Volcano, has finally been thrown to the public on the Steam Workshop.

Valve reportedly paid bounty to Ethical Hackers for finding out several bugs in CSGO

Valve has reportedly paid a hacker a total of $11,250 for finding a bug in the game that was used as an exploit for many hackers.

CSGO Streamer Live on Twitch Casually Ignores Fire Alarm In His Apartment

Gamers have been notorious in not attending to an emergency and continuing to play games instead, and the newest incident on Twitch...

NRG Esports co-CEO explains why CSGO esports scene is unsustainable

NRG co-CEO Andy Miller has explained why they left the CSGO scene at a time when they were at a peak, and sold the team to Evil Geniuses.

Now you can play CSGO on your phone using Steam Link

After the likes of PUBG and Fortnite, it seems like CSGO also has support for mobile, albeit in a different way.

NiP and fnatic invited to StarSeries i-League Season 8

Fnatic and NIP are the latest teams to be invited to the StarSeries I-League Season 8, which will run from October 21-27,...

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