The origin of the popular Fnatic Manager here meme

The "Fnatic manager here" meme has regularly gone viral in the tactical shooter community. However, what exactly does it signify?

Fnatic Manager here meme

Games of the first-person shooter genre that require continual attention from a developer include Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Since the stakes in professional esports are so high, it is essential that these two games remain bug-free.

In order to accomplish this, gamers document and share game-breaking bugs in the hopes that developers may come across them. The comment sections of viral bugs are typically overrun with memes that read “Fnatic manager here,” which many Valorant players find to be unclear.

What does the Fnatic manager here meme mean? What exactly does the meme “Fnatic manager here” mean? Let us answer those questions.

In the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) community, making fun of game-breaking exploits and techniques is done using the catchphrase “Fnatic Manager Here, Please Delete This.” It has also grown commonplace in Valorant, but a smaller percentage of players in that game are familiar with its history.

After the notorious Olofboost incident occurred between Fnatic and Team LDLC during a match at Dreamhack Winter 2014, the meme quickly spread over the internet. That boost was found to be unlawful after the fact, which ultimately resulted in Fnatic suffering a defeat.

Valve has now installed a commemorative plaque at the location of the infamous event. The monument serves as a reminder to players not to climb the barriers. Since that time, it has developed into an important turning point in the history of CSGO.

Reddit user Davit “Blotecsgo” Ekdhal claims that he had posted the original boost bug two weeks before the game was actually played. However, in order to comply with the request of a member of Team Fnatic, he had to make the video private.

Although he was unable to provide any evidence to support his claim, he did come forward with a thread shortly after the flaw was exploited on November 28 during the quarterfinal. The sole proof is the date that the video was originally uploaded to YouTube.

I and my other friends wanted it up. But my friend was so adamant about removing it and was scared that flusha would hate him or something. So I just cba about the drama and then unlisted the video until they used it.


The entire thing might seem odd to you, but the aftermath of the event gave rise to a famous meme that is still current even after seven years have passed.

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