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How To Recreate CSGO Olofboost on Overpass in 2022

The infamous olofboost is synonymous with the map Overpass in CSGO even after 8 years of the first instance of the boost. The three man boost, dubbed olofboost by the community as it was fnatic’s Olofmeister that made use of it first during a game versus LDLC in 2014 at the DreamHack Winter CSGO Major.

Since then the boost was banned, never to be seen again. But the CSGO community is creative enough and there is no shortage of new boosts and tricks to gain an advantage.

One such trick that has been discovered is a three man tower, similar to the Olof boost. Much like the original olofboost, this three man tower lets you spot players on the B site, from close to the A site next to bathrooms.

This boost was first posted to Reddit by user oxylight. Oxylight used this boost in a faceit level 5 game, to pick players off on the B site, from the A site with the help of this boost. This move requires three players to be present to create the boost, and once completed only 2 of them need to be present.


To create this three man boost, the three players need to be present near the A site, on the platform commonly known as ‘headshot’ between the A site and divider on bathrooms.

The first player boosts the second one in the corner of the bushes, where the player gets stuck on the pixel. Then the first player jumps on the third player’s head and lands on the player boosted on the pixel. 

This lets the sniper see all the way into the B site, the entrance and exit to Monster, sandbags on B short and bridge and a part of the site around the pillar as well.

It is vital that the player that is boosted finally atop the tower has an AWP as there is an invisible wall present there and a single awp bullet to the body won’t kill the player, as seen in the clip. It is even more difficult to kill the players with a Scout or an Auto sniper

An important thing to note is that this boost requires pixel walking. Pixel walking is not a feature the developers intended the game to have, and hence this is banned in official matches. It can only be used in regular matchmaking as third party mm services have banned it too, so try this boost at your own risk, just to have fun with your MM team.

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