Mirage becomes the popular CSGO map in 2022

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Mirage is one of the most popular locations in the game, according to matchmaking statistics.

Consistent players always appreciate CS:GO’s vast selection of maps with diverse settings. Because players have such strong opinions about the available maps, Valve only makes minor adjustments to the Multiplayer Map selection very infrequently.

The most recent content update, Ancient, was met with a variety of opinions from players, although they have since adjusted. Despite the several map exchanges, there is still one that has not been transferred.

Mirage CSGO

According to recently compiled statistics, players in CS:GO MM continue to queue for Mirage, making it one of the most popular maps in 2022 by a significant margin.
With 29.6 percent of players choosing to play Mirage in Multiplayer Matchmaking in 2022, it is the most popular CS:GO map.

You can look at the numbers that Leetify recently released to shed light on the popularity of CS:GO maps here.

These numbers were introduced not too long ago. Statistics show that Mirage, Inferno, and Dust 2 continue to be among the most popular choices for players years after their initial release. The following is a breakdown of how the other maps in the competitive pool currently stand.

It’s clear from this list that some CSGO locales will never be replaced, and that’s what makes them special to gamers. Both Dust 2 and Inferno, two of the oldest maps in Valve’s shooter, still have renowned layouts that are functional in the year 2022.

Players in official match-making discover creative methods to spice up the shabby maps with fresh approaches. There’s a huge gap between the top three places, with Nuke coming in fourth with 8.1% of players showing interest.
Despite the difficulty of mastering Overpass and Cache in 2022, they aren’t as popular as they used to be. Due to the fact that the Overpass map has a two-level design that is optimal for more experienced players, it is one of the less used maps in MM.

Additionally, professional players consider Vertigo to be their home turf, especially considering the fact that it is played significantly less in MM. About 4.9% of the players believed it was profound enough to run in slightly elevated games at a breakneck pace.

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