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CSGO Banned In Indonesia After Steam Services Were Restricted In The Country

Some hours ago a piece of news made headlines on media sites about several digital services including the likes of Steam, Epic, Battlenet, and PayPal getting banned in the country. 

The ban was first reported by Esports Organisation, Team Secret via Twitter and Facebook where they shared a picture of the ban notice while visiting the above-mentioned sites. Since then many other Indonesian players and professionals have come forward and tweeted about the ban on gaming services affecting their businesses and careers. 

Coming to CSGO, since the Steam services were banned players are not able to access their steam accounts online.

Although the offline mode still works, the online features of the steam client are disabled in that mode meaning players will not be to access CSGO servers online which includes both official and dedicated community servers.

The game might still function properly in the lan mode but the in-game skins and inventory won’t load. 

Many players with in-game skins worth more than hundreds of dollars are afraid to lose access to their skins and game. Since both the Steam Market and Trading are unavailable currently, players will be hard pressed to withdraw or cash in their skins.

Why Is CSGO Banned In Indonesia?

While the main reason for the ban is still unknown as the story is still unfolding, the primary cause of the ban is believed to be the new IT rules that the Ministry of Information implemented back in 2020.

The new regulation required local and international internet services to officially register as an Electronic Systems Provider (PSE), for the purposes of cyber security and user protection, on November 24th, 2020. Failure to comply would result in an operational ban in the country.

However, this information is not officially confirmed yet and the whole situation is still a developing story, so stay tuned. 

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