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Female CSGO Streamer “xoQueenscar” Kicked Instantly After Usin Mic In Game

Earlier today, a post on Reddit topped the most viral charts where an unnamed female streamer was kicked off her ongoing match-making in CSGO.

All she did was call out the movement of her opponents which indeed triggered a male player who went, “Did I just hear a girl? Get the fu*k off of my game.”


The female streamer was kicked from her game right after the moment she turned on her mic. With that being captured on her stream, it indeed took the community by storm to why she had to deserve such treatment and despite the fact that it was just a video game.

With several top tier teams like G2 Esports and Cloud9 venturing into female led Esports rosters, there are still some blokes who exercise their unwitted liberty to suppress the female voice.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has indeed been the face of the most toxic first person shooters in history with Racists and Misogynists storming others’ games with their never ending wraith.

The hostility towards female players has run off the mill since a long time now and that is yet to be addressed by Steam, with the latter having introduced an effortless mute ban which gets triggered after a threshold of reports registered on their sheet.

According to the Washington Post, “Nearly two-thirds of female journalists report experiencing threats, sexist abuse, intimidation and harassment online and on social media in the course of their work.”

A survey by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) estimated that approximately 38% of women who use a female representative username while playing online receive harassment.

It’s been so long, the online gaming community has been ruled out as “only to be played by boys”.

But over a certain period, female Esports rose to prominence which left a huge impact, defeating the whole idea of games being only made for the male race.

Misogyny in any form has been deemed to be not acceptable under any circumstances ranging from the stereotypical “get back to the kitchen” jokes to extreme harassment over negligible errors. 

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