Most Played Agent at VCT Masters Copenhagen

Valorant Patch 5.03

With the conclusion of Valorant Champions Tour Masters Copenhagen, we could see the shift in meta from the last year, with many of the traditionally played agents having lesser pick rates while the newer agents like Chamber and Fade saw increased action.

Compared to the earlier meta, this time, we saw teams trying out new team compositions, with Paper Rex being the one running a double duelist comp in most of their maps.

 It was interesting to see teams running no duelist compositions, especially on Ascent and Icebox, and using multiple initiators or Sentinels instead of Duelist. 

We also saw Sova being replaced by Fade on many maps and the pick rate for Sova falling drastically compared to the previous events. Jett almost saw no action being played less, while Raze as a duelist, shone brighter along with Neon.

The Most picked agent was Chamber, who was picked almost on all maps by some teams, one of them being Optic Gaming, who chose to let Yay play Chamber on all the maps while Victor filled in for the duelist role. 

In Numbers, Chamber was the most picked agent and had a pick rate of 76.5% and, as an agent, played over 4000 rounds in 100 matches with 33 clutches, 1.19 KD, 49.5% Win Rate, and 463 Multi kills. Chamber saw a lot of action in Copenhagen. 

Haven was the best map for Chamber with a 53% win rate, while Breeze was the worst with a 43% win rate.

Raze was the second most picked agent in the event with a 53.8% pick rate and a win rate of 53.5%. It has overtaken Jett as the most picked Duelist and has now become the go-to Duelist for most maps. 

Though Raze did not see any action on Breeze, Fade did with a pick rate of 51.5 and, alongside Kay/O and Chamber, is the only other agent played on all the maps. 

Jett was picked only 17% of the time, and Sova’s pick rate dropped to 18.9%. Yoru, Cypher, Reyna, and Phoenix had less than a 5% pick rate, with Reyna and Phoenix missing from action altogether.

Category wise highest agent Pick rate at VCT Masters Copenhagen:

  • Most Picked Sentinel: Chamber
  • Most Picked Duelist: Raze
  • Most Picked Controller: Viper
  • Most Picked Initiator: Kay/O

Coming to the maps, The most played maps were Fracture and Bind, with both maps being played 13 times each. Fracture had a 55.06% win rate on the attack, with Chamber being the map’s most picked agent, followed by Brimstone, Breach, and Raze.

Bind was a more balanced map, with the win rate on attack and defense being almost equal. Raze was the most picked agent on the map with a 96% pick rate, followed by Brimstone, Viper, and Skye.

Ascent and Split were the second most picked maps with 11, followed by Split 7 times, Icebox 6, and Breeze the least five times. This probably is because Breeze is a very contentious map and might go the other way. 

On the bright side, all maps seem extremely balanced and do not favor attacking or defending. VCT Masters Copenhagen was the last tournament with Split, and Pearl would be played in the LCQ instead.

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