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Valorant Conquerors Championship

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Most Played Agent at VCT Masters Copenhagen

The second and the final masters of the year, Valorant Champions Tour Masters Copenhagen, concluded last night with the CIS team FunPlus Phoenix defeating the APAC region's Paper Rex.

VCC 2022 Registration: How To Register

At the end of May 2021, Riot had announced its collaboration with Nodwin Gaming to give the South Asian region its first-ever official Championship...

Valorant Conquerors Champions (VCC 2022) registrations goes live today

Valorant Conquerors Championship 2022, the path for South Asian teams to make a name for themselves at the biggest stage of Valorant has been...

VCC 2022 Registrations Starts 6th Jan, Enroll Here

The leading esports company in South Asia, Nodwin Gaming has announced a new tournament, along with Riot Games for teams from South Asia -...

Nodwin, Valorant & Gillette: The Recipe Of A Lucrative Esports Event

Nodwin Gaming collaborated with Gillette to host the biggest Valorant tournament in South Asian region called Valorant Conquerors Championship.

Gillette’s Clean Entry Into Pro Valorant in India through VCC

Gillette successfully ventured into Indian esports scene by sponsoring Nodwin Gaming's Valorant Conquerors Championship.

VCC: Best Grand Final Aces

The Grand Finals between Global Esports and Velocity Gaming in the Valorant Conquerors Championship went down to the wire. Both the teams were fighting...

Nodwin Gaming’s VCC Has Brought The Best of Scene In The Region

The Valorant Conquerors Championship concluded with Global Esports being crowned the kings of the region. GE will now represent the region at the APAC...

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Jett Can Survive Spike Explosions in Valorant’s New Map Abyss: Here Is How

Discover a new Jett trick on Valorant's Abyss map that allows her to use Updraft to dodge spike explosions and survive seemingly impossible situations. This guide breaks down the technique and explains why it's a game-changer for clutch situations.

Valorant Players Find Game-Breaking Exploits on New Map Abyss

The new Valorant map, Abyss, is plagued by exploits that allow players to survive lethal falls and gain an unfair advantage. Discover how these glitches work and why Riot Games needs to address them immediately.

Epic Games Store Leak: Unannounced Titles Like FFXVI PC & FF IX Remake Surface!

Epic Games' new store monitoring platform, EpicDB, has accidentally leaked dozens of unannounced games. The leak, discovered by members of the Famiboards and Resetera forums, reveals titles such as a PC port of Final Fantasy XVI, a Final Fantasy IX Remake, and a new Turok game.