Nodwin, Valorant & Gillette: The Recipe Of A Lucrative Esports Event

(Boston MA 08/01/16) The Gillette world headquarters in South Boston on Monday, August 1, 2016. Staff photo by Nicolaus Czarnecki

Nodwin Gaming‘s Valorant Conquerors Championship was the pinnacle of Valorant esports in the South Asian region. This tournament was backed by Riot Games, making it the first official Valorant tournament for the region and the fanbase witnessed the best competition India has to offer. Gillette ventured into Indian esports by joining hands with Nodwin Gaming and it created one of the most celebrated esports event in India.

Gillette is an American brand of safety razors and other personal care products and its Indian subsidiary entered into a new market by partnering up with Nodwin Gaming. They hosted VCC and best teams from the entire South Asian region participated in it. Indian teams overpowered most of its competition and put up an incredible show for the audience.

The new FPS title by Riot Games gained a lot of popularity in India since its launch and ultimately, its allied esports scene grew as well. This resulted into India being the home for multiple top-tier teams and hence, they dominated in Valorant Conquerors Championship 2021.

Gillette contributed in Indian esports for very first time and helped Nodwin Gaming in hosting a successful Valorant tournament. Gillette is also actively marketing in the Indian gaming community by sponsoring certain individuals like 8Bit Thug, Scout and Ghatak on different occasions.

Nodwin Gaming is a veteran name in Indian esports and has hosted a plethora of tournaments in the past but this was their first Valorant tournament till date. Despite handing a new title, they successfully hosted this event and opened a possibility of hosting similar events in the future as well.

Valorant Conquerors Championship opened a pathway for professional Indian teams to prove their mettle and tread a tough road to qualify for VCT 2021 via APAC last chance qualifiers.

The VCC grand finals was a clash between two Goliaths in the form of Global Esports and Velocity Gaming. Both of these teams have been dominating in India and they proved their worth in front of the entire South Asia.

This best-of-five match saw a fierce battle between Global and Velocity but the former played their cards correctly in the last map and ultimately secured a ticket to APAC Last Chance Qualifiers.