VCT Masters 2021 Schedule Revealed

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Riot Games has recently revealed the schedule of the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour Masters 2021 that’s all set to start from September 10th. However, as we had reported earlier, Filipino esports organization Bren Esports won’t be participating in the event since they were unable to acquire Visas. They’ll instead be awarded with 175 VCT points and the associated prize for qualifying for the event. 

VCT Masters Berlin: Schedule and Format

With Bren Esports not being able to participate in the tournament, the Group D matches will be held in a double round-robin format.

The group stages will be held from September 10 – September 16, and the playoffs will start September 17th. The grand finals of VCT Masters 2021 will take place on September 19th.

Here’s all you need to know about the schedule of VCT Masters Berlin 2021:

  • September 10th

B2: KRU Esports vs ZETA Division

C1: Gambit Esports vs Crazy Racoon

D1: F4Q vs G2

  • September 11th

B1: Envy vs Vivo Keyd

A1: Vision Strikers vs Paper Rex

C2: 100 Thieves vs Havan Liberty

  • September 12th

D2: Sentinels vs G2

A2: SuperMassive Blaze vs Acend

Winners of C1 vs C2

  • September 13th

B3: Winners of B1 vs B2

A3: Winners of A1 vs A2

D3: F4Q vs Sentinels

  • September 14th

D4: F4Q vs G2 Esports

B4: Losers of B1 vs B2

C4: Losers of C1 vs C2

  • September 15th

A4: Losers of A1 vs A2

D5: G2 vs Sentinels

B5: Losers of B3 vs B4

  • September 16th

A5: Losers of A3 vs A4

C5: Losers of C3 vs C4

D6: Sentinels vs F4Q

  • September 17th


  • September 18th


  • September 19th

Grand Finals

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