Valorant Teams Up With Zedd For Collab

Zedd Valorant

Riot Games has confirmed that they’re teaming up with renowned DJ, record producer, and songwriter Anton Zaslavski, who’s better known as Zedd in the music industry. While the finer details are yet to be revealed, Riot has teased the upcoming collab through a Tweet posted today. 

Zedd’s love for video games isn’t something that his fans don’t know about. The 32-year-old is an avid Valorant enthusiast and has previously shared his proud achievement of reaching Immortal rank in the competitive shooter in a Tweet

The Immortal rank in Valorant lies just under the rank of Radiant, which is the highest rank achievable in the tactical shooter. 

A Zedd-themed melee weapon had been teased in the Valorant Year One Anthem and it caught the eyes of Zedd fans worldwide. This collab might see Riot finally introducing it to the actual game. 

Further details on the specifics of the collab will be announced tomorrow at 10am CT. However, fans are already suspecting that alongside a new skin line, an event might also be held dedicated to Zedd. 

Zedd is currently ranked 24th in the global DJ rankings. It ranks DJs across the world based on their overall income, social media reach, and fan votes. The Grammy winner also has a number of other prominent nominations and awards under his belt.