Battlegrounds Mobile India will not have emulator support


Krafton has clarified that their latest battle royale game called Battlegrounds Mobile India will not have any emulator support in the near future. The developers stated that they have no plans on supporting emulated version of BGMI. PUBG Mobile emulator version had a big player base in India but seemingly, they will need to shift on mobile devices for Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is very similar to PUBG Mobile and yet, it has a different framework and set of rules by which the game differs from the global version. It is molded to align better with the regional demands.

The developers recently published a list of FAQs, answering some of the most asked questions and in that list, it was revealed that Battlegrounds Mobile India will not have an emulator support. This stance is still temporary and Krafton might launch it but not in near future.

The reason for not providing an emulated support is due to the difficulties in monitoring the malpractices on such a platform. When asked if BGMI will have an emulated version, Krafton stated the following:

“Unfortunately, in emulator version, it is expected to happen easier the illegal actions such as falsification, etc. compared to the mobile environment. So there is currently no plan in terms of supporting emulator version. If there is any change upon support of emulator version, we will further inform you through another notice.”

Krafton has answered several other questions as well and many of the new features which are seen in PUBG Mobile are still under review or there are no plans on its release yet. You can read the entire segment by clicking here.