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Battlegrounds Mobile India

Best BGMI Hot Drop Statistics to get kills

Players can use these three simple tips while doing hotdrops to increase their chance of survival and getting more kills.

How to make custom room in BGMI

Here is how you can create a custom room in BGMI very easily.

How to improve your aim in BGMI

Follow these four simple tips to improve your aim in BGMI.

What is F/D ratio and how to increase it in BGMI?

Follow this guide to understand what the F/D ratio is and how you can farm some on your own.

BGMI Not Opening on Mobile Data: How to solve it?

Try these simple things to run BGMI fluently using mobile data in India.

5 things you need to know before BGMI unban

Here are the top five things that you need to know about BGMI unban in the country.

NOVA Esports announce new PUBG Mobile roster ahead of PMGC

NOVA Esports have announced their new PUBG Mobile roster ahead of PMGC 2022.

Sid Joshi and K18 discuss about BGMI return in recent vlog

Sid Joshi and K18 talked about the potential of BGMI comeback in India in one of their recent vlogs.

Krafton states it is taking efforts to bring BGMI back in India

Krafton recently stated in their press release that they are continuing their efforts to resume services for BGMI in India.

Ronak says Krafton will host BGMI LAN after game returns

Ronak, the legendary player from Team Soul, recently revealed that BGMI will be returning back very soon and a LAN event will be hosted to celebrate its launch.

Jonathan returns to BGMI pro scrims soon

Jonathan has stated that he will be returning to BGMI esports once again as he will play scrims from tomorrow.

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