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How to improve your aim in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the biggest hits in the mobile gaming genre for almost last five years. This games has its own set of difficulties that players need to master in order to excel at the game. One of the key factors of playing BGMI is mastering the aim and hitting more headshot percentage. Here is how you can improve your aim in BGMI.

Improving your aim is not a simple task in BGMI as it cannot be done overnight and needs a lot of practice, patience and perseverence, similar to any other games in the market. Still, there are certain tips and resources that can help you reach there faster and more productively.

Setting the correct sensitivity

Having the right sensitivity is of extreme importance in the pursuit of improving your aim. If you are not comfortable in playing with your own sensitivity, chances are your aim is already shaky and needs to be improved by having the correct setting. If you are using gyroscope, play around with your sensitivity and find the one in which you feel comfortable playing. If you are just playing with touch controls, using 70 as baseline and going upwards or downwards is the key.

Crosshair placement

To win a fight, you need to aim at your opponent before the fight even begins. What this means is that there are certain situations where you know the location from where your enemy might peak. You should always keep your crosshair at that point while running or jumping so that if the enemy peaks, you are in a much better position to knock them down. A similar practice should be followed while peaking through windows and from rocks.

Training Room practice

There is a mode called training ground and players can use this to practice their aim at a very different level. There are multiple training method videos on YouTube from players like SC0ut and Snax that can be referred to make your aim sharper. One should always warm up in the training room before entering the real match.

Recoil Control

One of the essential factors to train on is keeping the recoil in check. Players have already been using guns like M4 for long range as its spray pattern is very predictive and controllable. Still, there are chances that you can miss your shots during long range fights. To avoid this, one must train their aim using all kinds of long range scopes and adjust sensitivities if required to attain a simple and controllable recoil pattern for themselves.

These four tips can help you to instantly improve your aim in BGMI. Still, you need to practice a lot in training room and make these changes in your play style to see the real impact over the long time.

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