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GTA 6 Hacker Found Mentally Ill, Trial Delayed

A significant breach occurred on September 18, 2022, when a hacker leaked materials showcasing early-stage material from GTA 6 and demanded a five-figure monetary amount in exchange for the game’s source code.

GTA 6 is of extreme importance to Rockstar Games given it is highly anticipated for the past few years and given the success of GTA 5, GTA 6 is bound to be an economic success which is why all the work surrounding the game has been their best kept secret until a hacker was able to get hold of several early stage material and confirm that the game in under works.

Rockstar swiftly took legal action upon discovering the identity of the hacker who was eventually put on trial when a panel of psychologists suggested that he is “unfit to stand trial” and as a result, it falls upon the court to decide whether or not he is guilty of the 12 charges pressed against him.

It is known that Kutraj and his hacker group Lapsus$ have taken part in some of the corporate hacks in recent times causing millions in damages to companies like Nvidia, Rvelout, and Uber. There can be more companies that are unaccounted for at the moment as the investigation continues along with the trail.

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