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When Is Next Valorant Night Market? (August 2023)

Valorant, the popular first-person shooter game, has a unique feature that has been captivating its players – the Valorant Night Market. This feature is a treasure trove of exclusive weapon skins, offering players a chance to customize their gaming experience. But what exactly is the Valorant Night Market, and how can you make the most of it? Let’s dive in.

What is the Valorant Night Market?

The Valorant Night Market is a special event in the game where players can acquire unique weapon skins at discounted prices. These skins, while not offering any competitive advantage, add a dash of style to your gameplay, making your weapons look cool and unique. From seasonal skins to colorful patterns and intimidating designs, the Night Market has something for every player’s taste.

When is the Next Valorant Night Market?

The Valorant Night Market is not a permanent feature but an event that happens periodically. The most recent Night Market, Episode 6, Act 3, just concluded with the launch of Episode 7. Players can expect the next Night Market to kick off around August 7, 2023, just before the start of Episode 7, Act 2.

How to Access the Valorant Night Market

Accessing the Night Market is straightforward. When the market opens, a prompt will appear on the left-hand side of the main menu as you log in. If you miss this prompt, you can always return to the Night Market by clicking on the Tarot card symbol at the top right of the screen near the store tab.

What Does the Valorant Night Market Offer?

Each Night Market offers six random weapon skins for purchase at a discount. These skins come from the Select, Deluxe, or Premium Edition tiers. You also have the option to trade in a couple of old skins. However, your selection cannot be changed, won’t include skins you already own, and will disappear after two weeks. Typically, there is only one Night Market per act, but every act since Episode 1 Act 3 has featured a Night Market, indicating a consistent pattern.

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