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Best BGMI Hot Drop Statistics to get kills

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a very popular game in India right now and it has replaced PUBG Mobile in terms of the gameplay. Players that used to play PUBGM swarmed on locations like Pochinki to kill and rack a large number of finishes. If you want to do the same in BGMI, here are some simple hot drop tips that you can use to get more kills.

Players aiming for a higher number of kills should know that survival does not go hand in hand with aggressive gameplay. Players will face a drop in their ranks while doing hot drops on a regular basis as chances of getting a correct gun might not favour you in every round.

If you are looking for some ideas to help you last longer on the battlefield and still get some extra kills, here are the top three tips that BGMI players can use while pushing.

Communication and strategy

This is a very important part of any battle royale game having good strategies can make or break a game. Having a strategy does not mean planning the entire game in a theoretical way. It just means that all four players on the squad should have their set roles and locations of drop where they can cover each other so that the push becomes easier and ultimately, you can clear areas more effectively.

Having your microphone on during playing the game is very important. There is no other tool in the game that can replace the importance of voice comms. Make sure that you have the right means of communication before hot dropping with your squads

Play with your friends or squad

Playing with your squad or friends is a very important thing to consider when you are playing BGMI and especially hot dropping. In a BR game, you can not get a good team on a regular basis as all the players have their own goals and some prefer to survive for longer rather than just pushing in hot locations.

To get a higher number of kills, you need to drop to a place where a maximum number of players are going to come. This can be locations like Pochinki, Bootcamp, or Hacienda del Patron and doing so with your friends can be very helpful.

Make sure your team has an entry fragger as well as a support player so that you can survive for longer as a team and can battle and heal at the same time.

Utility Usage

Utilities like hand grenades and molotovs can make or break a game in BGMI. Players need to understand how to use these utilities very effectively in the areas of hotdrops. A hand grenade can finish an entire squad if thrown correctly and hence, one must keep a habit of using such utilities while being in a squad fight.

These three tips will help you survive the hotdrops much longer and master the art of getting kills in a much more simpler, effective and coordinated manner.

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