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Post Malone fails awful backflip attempt on Twitch Stream

Post Malone’s brave yet funny attempt to make a backflip after he successfully raised $50K to the charity has owned the Twitch chat, definitely an A+ meme material.

His latest undertaking on the Amazon-possessed stage was on July 23, when he sought fund-raise for the United Way good cause. Subsequent to passing a gigantic achievement and raising $50k, PostMalone endeavored a reverse flip that didn’t precisely go the manner in which you’d anticipate.

The good news is, despite failing the backflip attempt, he managed to successfully raise $50,000 of charity. “This floor is mad hard in here y’all,” said.

The rapper kicked his leg up and fell upside down. “Did I do it? Was it close? Did it look crazy on stream at least” he asked his chat before he sat back down.

With anticipation building and thousands of viewers hoping to see a good attempt, they ended up in complete hysterics.

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