CSGO streamer trades in expensive skins for flashy $60,000 car

buster csgo

Buster, a popular player from Russia who competes in CS:GO, owns more pricey skins than is typical for someone in his position. He was able to trade them up into a shiny new BMW that cost $60,000, and he revealed the new car to millions of admirers on YouTube. 

CS:GO skins and stickers, in particular, can fetch a hefty price tag. If you can somehow translate the value from the virtual world to the real world, some of them are now worth upwards of six figures, and you may find yourself sitting on some substantial stacks.

It is well-known that you can trade up to inventories of this value. However, what about upgrading to something that is not currently available in the game? That is just what the Russian CS:GO prodigy did in order to acquire a sleek new BMW.

There was more to it than merely cashing out skins for the YouTube and Twitch stars — who have a combined following of more than 5 million people on both platforms. He obtained the BMW by engaging in a trade with another user on Steam.

He offered them a variety of skins with high value, including a Dragon Lore, a few rare stickers, and a Sapphire Karambit. It cost him $57,000, but at the end of the day, he had a BMW registered in his name.