Tuesday, September 29, 2020

PUBG Mobile: Key Takeaways from PMWL 2020

PUBG Mobile World League Season 0 ended changing lots of things. Can Bigetron RA be challenged now? Indian region is rising and what is the future of PUBG Mobile Esports? Check out the key takeaways here:

Bigetron RA wins PUBG Mobile World League East; ScoutOP & Co. finish second

Bigetron RA are the Champions of the East. They win PUBG Mobile World League and $1,55,000 in total. Orange Rock rank second globally and is inarguably the best team in South Asia right now.

PUBG Mobile World League East – Grand Finals Day Two Results: RRQ Athena dominates...

Bigetron RA stand at the top of leaderboards followed by BOX Gaming. RRQ Athena got three wins and skyrocket their position to top three.

PMWL East- Grand Finals Day One Results: BOX Gaming dominate

BOX Gaming rank number one at the end of first day. Bigetron RA is behind by just a few points.
PMWL Super Weekend Results

PUBG Mobile World League East – Super Weekend W3D3 Results: The Korean Hypetrain

RRQ Athena still stands tall on the top, closely followed by Bigetron RA and BOX Gaming.TSM-Entity and Team Secret are quickly climbing the ladder towards the top three spot
PMWL League Play W3D2 results

PUBG Mobile World League East – League Play W3D2 Results: Bigetron RA fly high

Bigetron make a huge comeback this week, grabbing the top spot from the bottom four in mere four games. MORPH and GodLike get a chance on lasy week's Super Weekend.

PMWL East – League Play W3D1 Results: TSM-Entity dominates

TSM-Entity dominates the leaderboards with highest kills and first place. Bigetron and RRQ struggles to perform today.
PMWL East W2D4 results

PMWL East – Super Weekend W2D4: The rise of TSM-Entity

TSM-Entity grabs two wins and huge amount of points from today's matches as they steadily rise in the scoreboards. BOX Gaming had an impressive run today.
PMWL Super Weekend Week Two Day Three Results

PMWL 2020 East-Super Weekend: Week Two Day Three Results

Bigetron played exceptionally well today but RRQ remain on the top. Indian team Celtz is shining in the leaderboards
PMWL League Play Week Two Day One Results

PUBG Mobile World League – League Play: Week Two Day Two Results

It was an exciting day with very fast paced matches.NOVA-GodLike, MORPH Team, Yodoo Gank and No Chance Team lie in lower brackets and will not play Super Weekend this week.

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