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PMWL East – League Play W3D1 Results: TSM-Entity dominates

PUBG Mobile World League heads into its last week of the month long League Play session. These two days are last chance for many teams to secure their spot into the Super Weekend and make their way into grand finals. Today’s matches will be alternate maps of Erangel and Miramar.

Match one – Erangel:

First match of the day stared with a bloodbath and domination by TSM-Entity. They contested the drop location with Reject Scarlett and after initial looting, chased them until their very last man was wiped out. TSM start the match with four kills in the bag right at the start.

Free Style, the team which was yet to make any impact in the PMWL finally displayed their brilliant strategy today. They were locked down in the same situation with Bigetron RA where BTR wiped them out with grenades by Baba from Freestyle had different plans this time. He patiently holds the outer walls of their compound and manages to strike at perfect time and get three kills and wipe Bigetron very early.

Teams were dropping very fast when the match entered in its final circles. The big names like Bigetron and RRQ were eliminated early and it was a chance for other teams to seize the opportunity. TSM-Entity was in berserk mode till the very end but they throw away the match in the final situation.

The last fight was between TSM-Entity and U Level UP and TSM was so much into their zone that they overextended their fights. They got two initial knocks but ended up doing a very uncoordinated push. U Level UP turned the tides and steal away the win from the hands of TSM-Entity. Although U Level UP got the win, TSM stay at the top spot.

  • TSM-Entity get the top spot with 21 kills and 35 points.
  • U Level UP rank second with 12 kills and 32 points.
  • Valdus Esports rank third with 5 kills and 15 points.

Match Two – Miramar:

The sandy dunes of miramar were tainted with blood as this match also gets a heated start. Teams start fighting very early and face casualties as they move into very first phase of this map.

T1 and Valdus Esports had a fight and the tides were shifting on Valdus Esports’ side when they started the fight with an initial knock. This was turned around pretty quickly by T1 as they tear Valdus apart and show them the doors of exit.

The bloodbath goes on when the zone shifted to the city areas and every team had to rotate into the circle. Free Style team yet again wipe Bigetron in this match and the fights continued till only few players were alive.

T1 again steps up their game. They fought against Yodoo Gank and one player from T1 managed to catch two players off-guard and then subsequently wipe out the entire team. The last zone favoured BOX gaming and they utilized it perfectly to grab the win.

  • BOX Gaming win the match with 12 kills and 32 points.
  • U Level UP rank second with 5 kills and 19 points.
  • T1 rank third with 8 kills and 16 points.

Match Three – Erangel:

The third match of the day saw a bit slow start than other two games. Teams did drop in the same locations as first match but nobody was looking to actually fully engage with each other.

Team Secret and RRQ Athena clash while rotating for the same compound and Team Secret emerge victorious, wiping RRQ Athena early on. TSM-Entity was seen chasing No Chance Team on a buggy but were caught out by Valdus Esports. Despite halting, TSM had to move further into the game with one man left standing.

Bigetron RA gave a poor rotation into the late game where players are crawling into every part of the map. They rotated via a single car ans instantly were wiped out by gunfire of many teams.

Orange Rock was confident this time and they executed their rotations and maintained the synergy that led them to victory. Team Secret was having a similar run as Orange Rock in this map but they succumbed to zone damage.

  • Orange Rock won the match with 12 kills and 32 points.
  • Team Secret ranks second with 11 kills and 21 points.
  • KOG Club ranks third with 4 kills and 18 points.

Match Four – Miramar:

The action continues in the the map of Miramar and this time it was NOVA-GodLike who started strong and heavily overpowered SynerGE and wiped them out. The circle took a very unprecedented shift towards the Southeastern part of the map.

No Chance Team absolutely changed their game style as they started playing aggressive and the change delivered good results. The zone shift took heavy tolls on each and every team that tried to rotate into the circle.

Teams were dropping like flies and only few players were left to fight into the last circles. RRQ Athena had a strong position in this match and they became a little bit passive after three consecutive bad matches.

The last fight was between the members of GXR Celtz and RRQ Athena. RRQ had G9 at a higher ridge flanking position and he made an opening knock for them to push on Celtz and win the map.

  • RRQ Athena won the map with 7 kills and 27 points.
  • GXR Celtz rank second with 6 kills and 20 points.
  • U Level UP came third with 8 kills and 15 points.

Match Five – Erangel:

The day ends with an action packed last game, where a dangerous spoiler play comes at the end. The match starts with normal loot phase and then rotating in. Fights quickly set off after this phase.

TSM-Entity awaken in the last map, they push onto Orange Rock who was holding a position and easily wiped them out. On the other hand, Team Secret was having their own struggles as they also take an early exit.

The zone started shrinking onto a higher ground compound of Mansion area. Teams were stacking in there and wiping each other out. U Level UP tried slamming into SynerGE but were instantly wiped out.

The last zone had a triangle fight where TSM, Godlike and Celtz tried to kill each other but that led to only single player left standing for Celtz. A player from MORPH Team played spoiler in this fight and steals the win.

  • MORPH Team win the match with 3 kills and 23 points.
  • TSM-Entity ranks second with 12 kills and 22 points.
  • Celtz ranks third with 7 kills and 21 points.

Overall Standings:


TSM-Entity have started their domination as they stand atop the League Play leaderboards on Day One. They were struggling in the first week but since last week’s Super Weekend, they are in showcasing their talent on next level. Their kill count nears to 40 and they top the table without any win.

U Level UP and MORPH Team have shown a great amount of improvement as they almost secure their slot for the upcoming last week of Super Weekend. Both of these teams were struggling to qualify and last week U Level UP barely made it to top 16. This time look to qualify with some good points.

Orange Rock, Celtz and NOVA-GodLike, the Indian teams are showing their game into the global stage. They are slowly but steadily making progress, especially Godlike in this list. Other teams are performing as expected from them and we may see some new teams shining in tomorrow’s matches.

The day has been very bad for team like Bigetron RA and RRQ Athena. They actually lead the scoreboards where it actually matters but are struggling to perform in these matches. Although RRQ Athena grab a win, they still are in bottom bracket so both of them need to step up tomorrow.

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