PUBG Mobile World League East – League Play W3D2 Results: Bigetron RA fly high

PMWL League Play W3D2 results

PMWL League Play qualifiers stage ends today after a month. This week we get the last set of 16 teams who will fight the battle in Super Weekend and rack up points for getting into grand finale. MORPH and GodLike get a final chance in the last week.

Match One – Miramar:

The second day of League Play started with a slow pace. The teams started slowly this time, dropping to their own spots and looting until the first three circle shifts. Early engagements were limited to just few finishes.

TSM-Entity starts dominating again as they get two kills right at the start. Team Secret catches No Chance Team off-guard and blast the single vehicle in which they were rotating. No Chance Team was the first team to get wiped put in this map.

Teams dropped pretty quickly in the end of this match. TSM had started brightly but Bigetron RA shut them down quickly as they pull an unusual rotation and get punished for it. Many teams got eliminated at the end of middle phase. Orange Rock was so battered into a small house by Bigetron as they finish them off with only grenades.

The last fight was between Bigetron RA, RRQ Athena and BOX Gaming. RRQ and BOX were fighting at the other end and Bigetron ended up killing both of them and grabbing the victory.

  • Bigetron RA won the map with 13 kills and 33 points.
  • BOX Gaming ranked second with 10 kills and 24 points.
  • RRQ Athena ranks third with 4 kills and 14 points.

Match Two – Erangel:

Second match was played on the homeground of Erangel. This match was also pretty slow as compared to yesterday’s matches and this time, action was super slow and limited to the ending phase only.

The first fight started when SynerGE slammed into the conpounds of GXR Celtz and the entire team was caught in a single house. The fight started into the favour of SynerGE but MJ from Celtz turned the tides. He single handedly knocked almost everybody and wiped out SynerGE.

The fights were later halted and the zone moved near School’s apartment areas. The apartments were so congested with teams that bullets were firing from every corner of the area. Bigetron held onto a mountain and perfectly utilized it.

Orange Rock and Celtz was holding into the lower grounds and Bigetron instantly wiped them both and won the second match in a row.

  • Bigetron won the map with 16 kills and 36 points.
  • GXR Celtz ranked second with 10 kills and 24 points.
  • Orange Rock ranked third with 7 kills and 17 points.

Match Three – Miramar:

Today’s day wasn’t matched with yesterday’s action in the third map as well. The slow start permitted to a messy ending and very inconsistent games for many teams. No fight took place until the third phase of the zone shrunk and game hits 15 minutes mark.

TSM-Entity and Bigetron face off each other and they continued this fight until the very end of this fight. Teams like SynerGE, Free Style and No Chance Team dropped out early in this match.

Fights started to heat up at the ending of this map. RRQ Athena halted Team Secret as they tried to enter the zone, and easily wiped them out. Big names like RRQ, Bigetron and TSM finished into the top 8 placement.

The last fight started between Megastars, MORPH Team and T1. The last fight turned out to be similar to the last map. MORPH waited till T1 and Megastars fought each other and grabbed the victory.

  • MORPH Team won the map with 7 kills and 27 points.
  • Megastars rank second with 7 kills and 17 points.
  • RRQ Athena rank third with 8 kills and 16 points.

Match Four – Erangel:

NOVA-GodLike and King of Gamers Club engaged early on in a fight to secure a central compound. They exchanged some trade knocks and the situation was even for a while. NOVA-GodLike pushed into a squad house but KOG Club holds the compounds well wipes them GodLike.

SynerGE and U Level UP engaged while rotating into the zone. A player from SynerGE takes blasted buggy as a cover and gets two knocks for his team. He halted them for enough time that his backup arrived in time and wiped U Level UP.

SynerGE could not savour this victory as Bigetron enters the fray and tears SynerGE apart. TSM-Entity was seen wiping early on while rotating into the circle, FreeStyle and BOX Gaming followed the suit. The zone was ending in the ridge areas near ruins and very few teams were into the zone.

KOG Club was dominating in this game, they were having a great run when Yodoo Gank almost halted them in the last fight. It was a 4v4 fight and kills were traded until it got halted for a short time. KOG Club managed to wipe Yodoo Gank and win the match with high amount of kills.

  • KOG Club win the match with 18 kills and 38 points.
  • Yodoo Gank ranks second with 7 kills and 21 points.
  • Bigetron RA ranks third with 8 kills and 18 points.

Match Five – Miramar:

MORPH Team and GXR Celtz started a fight after the regular loot and rotate phase. Celtz was pressuring MORPH by utility usage and forced them to use every healing utility they had. MORPH pounced back at the right opportunity and quickly wiped Celtz.

Teams like SynerGE, NOVA-GodLike and Celtz were wiped out very early. NOVA-GodLike was caught out of zone by Megastars and wiped out very early. Orange Rock was firing on others by staying outside the zone and paid the price for it. Others teams gate-keep them out and Orange Rock takes an early exit.

Many teams dropped out at the end of last zone and only four teams were left standing. Team Secret and Team IND had a stalemate fight for a long time. Team Secret later moves into the zone and Team IND were left stranded out of zone for some time.

Team Secret waited for Team IND and MORPH to fight with each other and stacked up some kills in the process. They later pounced back on two players of Reject Scarlett and grabbed the win in the last match.

  • Team Secret won the match with 9 kills and 29 points.
  • Reject Scarlett rank second with 10 kills and 24 points.
  • MORPH Team rank third with 8 kills and 18 points.

Overall Standings:


Bigetron RA made a huge comeback on the second day of League Play. They reclaim their top spot in this week’s final standing as well. Bigetron rises back today with two consecutive chicken dinners and other two consistent matches. The literally jump from bottom four to the top spot in just four games. Bigetron RA can make anything possible if they have to.

King of Gamers Club, one of the consistent teams in this tournament claim the second spot at in the end of third week’s matches. They won one match today with so many kills that they just skyrocket their way to top two.

MORPH Team could not perform in the last two weeks but this time, they make it to the top three with two wins and get a chance at this week’s Super Weekend to somehow manage to get to top 16 and ultimately to the grand finals.

TSM-Entity were inconsistent today, they slip from top spot to fifth position and some bad decisions were seen from their side. They are oscillating between the ultimate domination and unexpected exits and should find some middle ground and be consistent throughout their matches.

FreeStyle, Reject Scarlett, No Chance Team and SynerGE rank into bottom four and will miss this week’s Super Weekend. This will be a terrible thing for FreeStyle and No Chance Team as they already are ranking low and missing this weekend will probably be the end of their journey from PUBG Mobile World League. NOVA-GodLike barely makes it to top 16 and will have a last chance to collect enough points to enter the grand finale.