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PUBG Mobile updates its privacy policy for India

PUBG Mobile has updated it’s privacy policy for users in India. They intend to make user privacy policy easy to understand and to give more transparency about how the personal information is processed.

PUBG Mobile pushed a minor update recently for all Indian GooglePlay accounts and a check box was displayed to ensure if the player is Indian or not.

PUBG Mobile was recently listed with 275 other apps which are kept under scanner for a breach in “user privacy and national security concerns”. This change is probably made to ensure every user on how the data collection and utilisation is done by Tencent.

The reason for change privacy policy is explained in PUBG Mobile’s official discord. It states, “To answer some questions regarding this, we update our user privacy policy from time to time to reflect our current privacy practices. These updates are intended to make the user privacy policy easier to understand and to give more transparency about how we process your personal information.”

Privacy Policy Changes:

A look at the official privacy policy makes it clear that the utilisation of data regarding India is clearly stated now and its clear that it will remain in Indian servers, although the information can get shared with third-party services on the basis of no further disclosure.

source: PUBG Mobile

Any user from India is able to contact PUBG mobile regarding “Access, Correction or Erasure” of any personal data. This means you can question the officials for any personal data they have collected, correct it or even apply for erasing any personal information you don’t want them to have.

Indian user data is mainly collected on “Game Services” located in India, which may safeguard the privacy concerns of the users. This may clarify the privacy breach concerns in India and maybe cast aside the rumours regarding game ban.

source: PUBG Mobile
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