New Valorant agent Killjoy officially revealed by Riot; Abilities and details inside

Her abilities include a variety of turrets at her disposal which make her a formidable enemy to deal with.

Riot Games’ tactical shooter VALORANT is about to welcome an all-new agent to their game. The new German agent named Killjoy has a set of abilities which primarily consists of deploying stationary robots and turrets which can be used to gain info, damage enemies or detain them.

Riot has released an official trailer in their YouTube channel describing how this agent works.

As seen from the video, she excels at locking down specific areas of the map without even being present there. Her Alarmbot leaves enemies weak and vulnerable, while her turret can fire at any enemies who enter its 180 degree radius. She can also throw a nanoswarm grenade which becomes hidden upon landing, and can be exploded at will to deploy a swarm of nanobots that damage enemies.

Here’s a detailed list of abilities of VALORANT’s latest agent Killjoy:


Killjoy equips an Alarmbot which can be deployed at will. The bot hunts down any enemies that get in range. After reaching its target, the bot explodes, applying a Vulnerable debuff to the target. She can also recall a deployed bot by holding the ability button.


Killjoy equips a turret which can be deployed at will. The turret fires at enemies in a 180 degree cone. The turret can also be recalled by Killjoy.


Killjoy equips a Nanoswarm grenade which can be thrown by pressing the “fire” key. Upon landing, the Nanoswarm becomes hidden and can be activated by Killjoy to send a swarm of damaging nanobots to nearby enemies.


Killjoy equips a lockdown device which can be deployed by pressing the “fire” button. After a long windup, the device Detains any enemy caught in its radius. This device can be destroyed by enemies.

Seeing her kit, it’s obvious that Killjoy will be a tough enemy to deal with. Players across the community have already started saying that this agent is already overpowered even before her official release.

This new agent will officially be available to play in the game from Act II which starts on August 4th.