PUBG Mobile World League East – Super Weekend W3D3 Results: The Korean Hypetrain

PMWL Super Weekend Results

PMWL East final Super Weekend starts from today, a festival of blood and action begins on the grounds of PUBG Mobile. RRQ Athena, Bigetron and BOX Gaming stay on the top. TSM-Entity and Team Secret perform excellently today, climbing the leaderboards very fastly. T1 play excellent in today’s games and look strong entering the grand finale

Match One – Erangel:

The first map boiled with action right from the start. Jonathan from TSM launches an attack on T1 and instantly gets two kills at the very beginning of this map. A few other players go down during the initial loot phase.

GXR Celtz and KOG Club fought in the apartments near the School area, both sides took heavy damage during this fight but KOG Club came on top, wiping Celtz at the cost of two players.

Another fighting triangle was formed between NOVA-GodLike, Orange Rock and Team IND. GodLike took the advantage of this fight and slowly wiped both of the teams, but lost so many players that they couldn’t make it very far ahead. Bigetron and RRQ Athena fought each other where RRQ emerged victorious.

TSM-Entity initially had the zone advantage for few circles but as they moved out, they started a walk of terror. They confidently pushed onto Team Secret, wiping them out and finishing final two players with a vehicle and winning the match in a fashionable way.

  • TSM-Entity won the map with 13 kills and 33 points.
  • KOG Club rank second with 6 kills and 16 points.
  • T1 rank third with one kill and 15 points.

Match Two – Vikendi:

Vikendi and its super slow map pace is very safe for the players but not very entertaining for the viewers. Teams safely dropped to their own cities and compounds and looted up for a long time.

The zone shift were so uniform that not many teams had to rotate in after the first zone. This led to almost no fights taking place all over the map, just few knocks and kills were seen as no fight broke till the clock ticked 15 minutes mark.

After a hard northwestern shift, the teams finally had to get in their cars and go for the next zone. The pace of map instantly changed at that moment and it was as if Thanos snapped his fingers, the number instantly dropped to 7 from 15 in mere seconds.

When the kill feed stopped running, it was four teams left on the battlegrounds. Megastars were eliminated while trying to rotate into the zone. KOG Club wiped entire RRQ squad with a grenade. BOX Gaming won the game after wiping out KOG Club at the end.

  • BOX Gaming won the map with 7 kills and 27 points.
  • KOG Club ranks second with 7 kills and 21 points.
  • RRQ Athena rank third with 6 kills and 16 points.

Match Three – Miramar:

Miramar is a map of with large area and hilly terrain to play around. This makes the fights to start slow, and continue for a long time. A similar meta was seen in this match as well.

U Level UP and MORPH Team fought against each other at the start. They both played around the hills but U Level UP had a strong crossfire setup which led MORPH Team to lose two players early on, taking down only one as trade kill.

TSM-Entity was in a favourable position into the zone but somehow they ended up in a container where Team Secret finished them out. Team Secret then led the charge against Orange Rock in the final stages and wiped them out very easily.

RRQ Athena had high ridge advantage and utilized it to get some kills but finally zone shifted below the mountain and they had to run down to face Team Secret. The fight was full of trades until it was 1v1 in the end where RRQ seized the match.

  • RRQ Athena won the match with 14 kills and 34 points.
  • Team Secret ranked second with 9 kills and 23 points.
  • Valdus the Murder ranked third with 3 kills and 13 points.

Match Four – Sanhok:

T1 and MORPH Team started a fight in Bootcamp while some players were gliding in the air. T1 quickly gathered the loot that they found and retaliated on MORPH who tried to snatch their drop location. MORPH Team was wiped out very early in this map.

Sanhok, the map of surprises had something in store yet again. T1, the team heavily relying on placement points racked up kills right from the very beginning, and also grabbed some third-party kills in the process.

An unusual fight happened between Orange Rock and Valdus Esports. Valdus managed to cross to a mountain range where both of these teams clash in almost every match played in Sanhok. Orange Rock still seemed to be unaware of this rotation and were split. Valdus managed to take some kill while Orange Rock also traded a few kills. In the end, a single player clutched against two of Orange Rock and wiped them out.

As the zone shrunk, teams started to drop one by one and the numbers were dropping very fast. KOG, RRQ and BTR picked up few kills in the process where KOG managed to wipe Bigetron and win this map.

  • King of Gamers Club won the map with 12 kills and 32 points.
  • Bigetron RA ranked second with 6 kills and 20 points.
  • T1 ranked third with 11 kills and 15 points.

Match Five – Erangel:

Last map of the day was action packed right from the start. Orange Rock, Valdus Esports and T1 fought against each other near the water city area. T1 chased Valdus into the adjacent city and wiped them out completely.

Some unfortunate finishes were seen from many teams. Teams like KOG Club, RRQ Athena and U Level UP were wiped instantly as they get decimated by their opponents. TSM-Entity completely dominated the match while entering the middle phases of the map. Neyoo from TSM was on a rampage mode, he was the only player scoring high kills for the team. He wiped out entire T1 squad all by himself.

TSM-Entity and Team Secret were the titans in this match as they marched forward, stomping on other teams. They both faced each other and TSM wiped them out in utter dominating way.

The match was looking to completely go into the hands of TSM but their dream was shattered by MJ of Celtz. He lands a grenade and gets two instant knocks, pushes forward and wipes entire TSM all by himself. This opening allowed Celtz to win the match.

  • GXR Celtz win the match with 5 kills and 25 points.
  • TSM-Entity rank second with 12 kills and 22 points.
  • Team Secret rank third with 10 kills and 18 points.

Overall Standings:


RRQ Athena lead the scoreboards and cross 400 points mark, closely followed by Bigetron RA and BOX Gaming still lack few points to come into this race for the top spot. RRQ Athena managed to win one match today and continue their lead, whereas Bigetron had a rough day but still had some consistent games to keep up with the points.

KOG Club, Celtz and Megastars follow these teams very closely and can potentially get to top three at the end of this weekend. Team Secret and TSM-Entity are having a great since last week. They both are performing excellent and getting higher average points than many other teams.

A special mention to T1 as they drastically change their play style to more aggressive nature and are living upto their name. The Korean hypetrain begins in PUBG Mobile.

Others like Valdus, OR, SynerGE and IND are in a comfortable spot to get into grand finale but they can improve on their mistake here so that they can start fresh in the grand finals.

Yodoo Gank and U Level UP are in a danger spot, mostly U Level UP. The gap is closing slowly to the top 16 and if some magical performance comes out from MORPH and NOVA-GodLike then potentially they can snatch the spot for Grand Finale.

The curtains are closed for Free Style and NoChance Team as both of them are not competing in this Super Weekend and are already ranking in the bottom four spot. They will have to try harder next season and come back stronger.