PMWL East- Grand Finals Day One Results: BOX Gaming dominate

PUBG Mobile World League Grand Finals finally began after a month long Opening Stages and League Play. 16 Teams are ready to battle it out in 24 games over a duration of four days and bring out the ultimate pinnacle of competition in PUBG Mobile and take away the World Champions bragging rights along with a huge prize of $1,00,000.

Match One – Erangel:

The first match of the grand finals started on the well-known territory of Erangel. Players were taking cautious decisions and no one dared to initiate a very early fight with ample loot. Orange Rock did lose one player to the hands of TSM-Entity when their path of rotation clashed. Orange Rock quickly retaliated and TSM were forced to move away.

T1 and Bigetron RA fought along the rocky coastline and after an initial opening from BTR, things were looking promising from them but T1 established themselves as a formidable fort. The flying grenades and coverfires from T1 caught Bigetron in an off-guard situation and the reigning champions were the first to get eliminated.

Blood was spilled as the map was entering its final stages. BOX Gaming held their compound, called as famous “BOXFort”, and absolutely obliterated anyone who tried to advance onto them. Orange Rock managed to creep nearby but Valdus Esports shut them down, which was eventually wiped out by BOX Gaming in the southern side of the circle.

Team Secret was another force in the northern side where they wiped entire T1, picking up kills from the other teams as well. They were cornered by BOX Gaming when the latter almost occupied the entire play area and with enough information, rained grenades and took down initial two knocks, followed by a last kill to secure the victory.

  • BOX Gaming won the match with 16 kills and 36 points
  • Team Secret ranked second with 7 kills and 21 points.
  • Team IND ranked third with 5 kills and 15 points.

Match Two – Vikendi:

The slow-paced meta of Vikendi was shifted in the grand finals stage as teams clashed very early on. Team IND and T1 faced each other and Yoengjun from T1 absolutely decimated IND as three players made a very bad push onto the compound with scarce information and paid for it. T1 then hunted down the last player and eliminated IND very early.

Many teams clustered near the central spot yet again but the zone heavily shifted to the other direction and everybody had to move out. Orange Rock held TSM-Entity where they finally succumbed to bluezone damage along with gunfire from Orange Rock. OR could not savour the small win as they also followed the footsteps of TSM and were taken down by zone damage.

BOX Gaming continued their domination in the second map as well. They charged onto SynerGE and barely managed to take them down with little pixels of health bars remaining. BOX Gaming was looking formidable in this match as well be because they were picking third-party kills along with wiping teams. A stone in form of UHigh from Team Secret tumbled their cart as he managed to kill two players and put a stop on BOX Gaming’s domination.

UHigH died because of the zone but the damage he did on BOX Gaming was irreversible. U Level UP finally made some moves from the other side of the circle and took down the last player of BOX and won this match.

  • U Level UP won the match with 9 kills and 29 points.
  • BOX Gaming ranked second with 13 kills and 27 points.
  • Megastars ranked third with 7 kills and 17 points.

Match Three – Erangel:

The action was halted to the later stages of the game. Teams played relatively safer than the last match and opted to stick around each other to ensure long durability. Few knock-finishes were bound to happen and some players had to lose their life early on.

TSM-Entity and Yodoo Gank started the first fight of this map. TSM looked confident in this engagement as they were trying wrap around the ridges and pincer Yodoo Gank but the latter team managed to understand their intentions and quickly responded by fortifying their guards as well. TSM finally just slammed on the building but Yodoo Gank was prepared as they killed three players from TSM and the last player died by drowning in water.

The zone shift was gifted to Galaxy Racers Celtz and they fragged out to their full potential. They took out Orange Rock while they tried to cross the road but faced the same fate when they were trapped by many teams surrounding them and they finish in the top four.

A single player from BOX Gaming managed to sneak into the final phases while Bigetron RA and MegaStars were fighting for the win. Bigetron RA took down MegaStars alongside the last player from BOX and secured third win of day one.

  • Bigetron RA won the match with 12 kills and 32 points.
  • BOX Gaming ranked second with 7 kills and 21 points.
  • Galaxy Racers Celtz ranked third with 11 kills and 19 points.

Match Four – Miramar:

Miramar started with a surprising northwestern shift and everybody had to quickly gather whatever they could find and run for a favourable position into the circle. T1 and BOX Gaming faced each other very early into this map. BOX Gaming was the team on a great start but T1 outplayed BOX. They managed to find small openings and isolate the players one by one, stacking up the knocks. One final push after three successful knocks and BOX Gaming was wiped beautifully by T1.

T1 could not manage to maintain their posture and crumbled down to the pressure applied by other teams and they follow the BOX Gaming, getting eliminated right after wiping them out. Team Secret was eliminated by Orange Rock and Bigetron face heavy casualties heading into the middle phase of this map.

RRQ Athena finally regained their momentum and started to stack few kills and decimate teams that challenged them. TSM-Entity was in a good position to rank higher in this match but unfortunately could only get to the top five. Orange Rock had a favourable position along with decent kills but BTR Luxxy spoiled their plans.

Luxxy somehow sneaked around the vision of TSM and climbed a hilltop that gave him clear eyesight on Orange Rock. He quickly turned the tables and got three kills and an indirect help from RRQ ended the match for Orange Rock. RRQ went on to win the match and Bigetron managed to secure top two despite losing players very early.

  • RRQ Athena won the match with 13 kills and 33 points.
  • Bigetron RA ranked second with 6 kills and 20 points.
  • Orange Rock ranked third with 10 kills and 18 points.

Match Five – Sanhok:

TSM-Entity started this fight as they get two initial knocks on RRQ and push onto them with whatever they had. RRQ did not anticipate the push and lost two players in the process. RRQ later dropped down the hill and another player was sniped out from a distance and RRQ Athena take an absurd exit.

Team Secret engaged onto MegaStars and used utilities to eliminate them very early in this map. Teams were aggressively engaging with each other as they had to move into the zone and fight simultaneously.

U Level UP and Celtz engaged in a compound very near to the safe zone and both sides were taking heavy damage. Team Celtz dealt a final blow and wiped out U Level UP but were late to rotate into the circle and were wiped out. TSM-Entity stopped IND from climbing up the mountain and stacked up few easy kills. Bigetron was also decimating teams one by one with their positioning.

Reject Scarlett were gifted the final circle and a higher ridge advantage and other teams had to make a run for it. TSM and Orange Rock were quickly wiped out in the process. Reject Scarlett and Bigetron had to face each other in a 2v2 fight where the players from Reject Scarlett dropped down grenades and wiped out Bigetron while the former was almost killed by the retaliating fire. Reject Scarlett secure the extra placement points but BTR ranked number one because of their kills.

  • Bigetron RA ranked first with 17 kills and 31 points.
  • Reject Scarlett ranked second with 4 kills and 24 points.
  • TSM-Entity ranked third with 10 kills and 20 points.

Match Six – Erangel:

TSM-Entity and Orange Rock kick-started the last map with a lot of action. The players looted up and clashed when the scout from TSM was taken down when he tried to look for a potential cover that was already occupied by Orange Rock. After a little bit of a stalemate, Orange Rock sent their IGL for further scouting and TSM grabbed this opportunity and pushed into the compound and wiped out three players of Orange Rock.

T1 yet again showcase their prowess as they take down Bigetron RA and in a clean fight where stakes were against them. Bigetron actually knocked two players of T1 and pushed in the open fields but a player from T1 built a temporary cover from smokes and managed to stealthily get the job done.

The early damage dealers like Orange Rock and TSM-Entity took a fairly early exit after their first fight. A few noteworthy plays came from the side of U Level UP. They took down RRQ Athena in the most dominating way, running over two players with a vehicle and grabbing their sweet spot into the final circle.

BOX Gaming also had a promising run until they clashed with Megastars where they crumbled down to pieces when Megastars held their position and with a little bit of vehicle cover, managed to eliminate BOX Gaming. U Level UP analysed kill feed perfectly and pounced on Megastars and won the last map of the day.

  • U Level UP won the match with 16 kills and 36 points.
  • Megastars rank second with 5 kills and 19 points.
  • BOX gaming rank third with 8 kills and 18 points.

Overall Standings:


BOX Gaming, the Vietnamese powerhouse utterly dominate the first day of grand finale. They were super consistent in their gameplay and now rank at the top of the leaderboards with only a single win. They managed to cross the 100 points mark in a single day, almost half of those points being kills. They had only one bad game but excluding that, this is the best possible finish for any team in grand finals stage.

Bigetron RA rank second on the overall leaderboards. They are well-known for their game play and dominating finishes and they leave no stone unturned as they perform stand upto the expectations and manage to climb the ranks despite a bad finish. U Level UP are performing excellent in this stage. They seem to have overcame their shortcomings and now looking forward to dominate in the finals. They get two wins today but other fairly inconsistent matches put them at the third spot.

Megastars, Orange Rock and Team IND are in the race to come at the top three spot with a very small gap in points table. Anybody can easily make a great play in the upcoming days and skyrocket to the top of leaderboards.

The teams at the bottom half of the table have to make some incredible plays in the next three days. All of these teams have faced against each other throughout the month so they should recognise their mistakes by now and try to improve as soon as possible because this is the stage where underperforming won’t lead you anywhere.