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Bigetron RA wins PUBG Mobile World League East; ScoutOP & Co. finish second

Bigetron RA are the Champions of the East. They win PUBG Mobile World League and $1,55,000 in total. Orange Rock rank second globally and is inarguably the best team in South Asia right now.

Bigetron RA win PUBG Mobile World League East Season Zero and take away the grand prize of $1,00,000. Orange Rock defied all the expectations today as they rise above all the expectations and give a very tough competition to Bigetron challenging their first spot. Bigetron Red Aliens win consecutively for the second time on the global stage.


The competition was cut-throat after Orange Rock claimed a chicken dinner in the third game of the last day and had to ranked number one with a good lead. The jump in placement points was huge for Orange Rock when they managed to rise from 5th spot to the first one.

Bigetron RA did not falter after a bad game. They faced a small slump but their strategical prowess along with mechanical skills helped them overcome the big hurdle faced by Orange Rock. Gaining few placement points from Sanhok and then an unfortunate elimination of OR guaranteed the victory for Bigetron RA.

Orange Rock is inarguably the best team in India and South Asia right now. They came so close to winning and made the grand finals interesting for the viewers and the fans who sincerely prayed for their team to win.

Bigetron Red Aliens take away a grand sum of $1,55,000 which includes the prize money won by team at the end of League Play and Grand Finals. Prize distribution for all the teams is precisely mentioned on Liquipedia.

Break from BOX Gaming is the MVP of this entire series and takes away a grand prize of $10,000 for himself.

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