Team Liquid Creative Director says Dota 2 is “too difficult” for League of Legends players to fully grasp

The post has started quite the controversy in the comments’ section.

MOBAs are always known as some of the most complex games in esports. Not only do they take a considerably high time just to pick up and learn the basics, but the skill ceilings in MOBA games are generally extremely high and require a lot of practice and dedication to attain.

Valve’s Defence of the Ancients 2 and Riot Games’ League of Legends are currently the two most popular MOBAs in the esports’ world. Both of them rock huge player counts with regular tournaments having considerable prize pools being organised across the world.

Fans of these two games have argued for a long time about which game is superior to the other, and while there may not be a conclusive answer to that, Damian Estrada – Creative Director at Team Liquid – has shared some of his thoughts regarding this which seems to have stirred up quite a controversy.

“Dota 2 is a much more rewarding game,” Damian said through a tweet, “but it’s too difficult for 80% of the League player base to fully grasp.”

He tweeted this statement with an attached picture saying, “Confessions that can get your League of Legends card revoked.”

Dota 2 is indeed an extremely complex game requiring a combination of intense mechanical skills and critical thinking to master. But this insanely high skill requirement has also driven many new players away from the game. Many argue that the simplicity of League of Legends combinedly with the huge esports scene surrounding it is what makes the game enjoyable for casual and competitive gamers alike.

However, to this day, The International – an annual tournament of Dota 2 – holds the place of being the tournament with the highest prize pool in video game history. TI9 offered a total prize pool of a whopping $34 million to the participating teams, a record that is expected to be shattered once again by TI10, which is currently rocking a prize pool of over $31,000,000 and counting.