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PMWL East Finals Recap – PUBG Mobile World League 2020 Season Zero

Bigetron RA are the Eastern champions for PMWL. Orange Rock kept the hopes alive for Indian fans till the very end as rank second globally.

PMWL East Grand Finals came to an end with Bigetron RA becoming the Eastern region champions and win $1,00,000. Orange Rock attained the pinnacle of their performance as they kept the hope alive for Indian fans till the very end and miss the first spot by few points.

Match One – Erangel:

The first match of the final day began on homeground map of Erangel. Teams did not engage early on but Team Secret took a beating as they lose two players very early when trying to rotate into the circle.

Team IND was eliminated at the 16th spot by RRQ Athena. IND had a slight upper hand in this fight and two of RRQ’s players were trapped in open ground but still they somehow managed to wipe IND and keep their squad intact at a loss of single player.

The zone heavily favoured TSM and Orange Rock. OR shut down Reject Scarlett when they tried to rotate in but BOX Gaming pressured them till the very end. BOX Gaming pushed into the compounds of Orange Rock from the outside and took down one player but OR quickly retaliated and wiped out BOX Gaming.

TSM-Entity and KOG Club were left standing in the final zone but TSM dominated the map till the very end and secured the victory with overwhelming number of kills.

  • TSM-Entity won the match with 14 kills and 34 points
  • OR ranked second with 9 kills and 16 points
  • KOG Club ranked third with 2 kills and 16 points

Match Two – Vikendi:

Vikendi witnessed one of the most hot-blooded fights ever in the Grand Finals of PMWL. Team IND dropped down early due to poor rotations and teams pushing them into uncomfortable situations.

Megastars was holding a compound where river of blood started flowing after some gruesome battles. KOG Club pushed on Megastars, where Megastars got the upper hand but quickly BOX Gaming came into the picture and wiped out Megastars. BOX could not fully anticipate a push from Yodoo Gank in that same place and they were eliminated as well. Three teams fall in the same area in mere seconds and loot crates were glaring in every corner of this compound.

The final circles were perfectly dominated by the hands of Bigetron RA. They were pincered down by Orange Rock and U Level UP but they succumbed to the pressure. Ryzen from BTR was the gunslinger in this engagement as the tears apart U Level UP and stops the push from Orange Rock by entirely wiping them out.

A brilliant play was witnessed by the hands of Ryzen as he instantly stacks his kill count to 8 on the spot. Ryzen unfortunately could not stop Yodoo Gank and ended up taking his team to the second spot as Yodoo Gank get the chicken dinner.

  • Bigetron RA rank first with 13 kills and 27 points.
  • Yodoo Gank rank second with 5 kills and 25 points
  • U Level UP rank third with 8 kills and 16 points

Match Three – Erangel:

The day was starting to get more and more exciting as the gaps in the leaderboards were slowly closing and teams until sixth spot were just few points away from one another. A plethora of opportunities opened for several teams when BOX Gaming wiped Bigetron very early and stopped their lead.

Winter from U Level UP pulled out an impossible task from underwater. A new strat of healing underwater by sitting into vehicle is now well known but winter took it to the next level as he perfectly judged and cooked a grenade that entirely wiped out TSM-Entity.

Orange Rock made a very high risk:high reward move when they decided to rotated directly into the centre of final phases of the circle. They perfectly utilised this advantage and wiped out BOX Gaming who tried to challenge them for this spot.

Orange Rock was pressured by RRQ Athena but OR did not move even by an inch. They quickly healed up and took down Valdus Esports along with RRQ Athena and win the third match in the most dominating manner. Orange Rock manage to get the top position after game four.

  • Orange Rock win the map with 14 kills and 34 points
  • RRQ Athena rank second with 3 kills and 17 points
  • Valdus Esports rank third with 6 kills and 16 points

Match Four – Miramar:

Bigetron RA start this map with a very aggressive approach. They find GXR Celtz while rotating in and try to force their way onto Celtz. Bigetron secure four kills and kickstart the advance towards to top position again.

Team Secret and Orange Rock fought for a compound while BOX Gaming was pressuring them from the higher grounds. Orange Rock take an unfortunate early exit which leaves room open for other players to close the gap.

Bigetron RA do manage to find a safe spot and enter the top eight teams as the fights start to emerge in every corner of this map. Teams were battered down by heavy shifts until three teams were left standing.

A single player from Reject Scarlett managed to keep his team alive and gain the top three finish. Bigetron RA and Valdus Esports faced each other in the last fight. The last player from Reject Scarlett indirectly prepares an opening for Valdus Esports to rush in and Valdus seize the day with a chicken dinner.

  • Valdus Esports won the match with 4 kills and 24 points
  • Bigetron RA rank second with 9 kills and 23 points
  • Reject Scarlett rank third with 7 kills and 17 points

Match Five – Sanhok:

Valdus Esports were smelling blood right from the start of this map. They took down one player from Megastars but the distance was huge and Megastars managed to pull away just in time. Valdus Esports found out Reject Scarlett but the latter had perfect sightlines that allowed them to cleanly wipe out Valdus Esports.

TSM-Entity faced heavy casualties at the start of this map and Jonathan from their side was left standing. The zone heavily favoured to the city of Pai Nan where SynerGE was holding for a long time.

Chances of Bigetron entering the zone were slim hence they left one of their player for a heal battle which paid off as Bigetron manage to grab some extra placement points. T1 was extremely aggressive in this map as they dominantly take down Orange Rock and RRQ Athena.

Jonathan made some troubles for RRQ and T1 and SynerGE capitalised on this move but T1 did not give up very easily. They gave a strong fight but SGE Ted managed to find a small angle and snatch the win.

  • SynerGE won this map with 9 kills and 29 points.
  • T1 rank second with 14 kills and 28 points
  • RRQ Athena rank third with 6 kills and 16 points.

Match Six – Erangel:

Galaxy Racers Celtz were trapped down in a compound after BOX Gaming surrounded them and teared them apart in few seconds. Celtz take a very early exit.

The stakes were very high for Bigetron RA, Orange Rock and RRQ Athena as they were battling very close for the top spot. Bigetron RA almost tumbled down when they lost three of their players and only Luxxy was left standing.

RRQ Athena take a very early exit and they end on the third spot in overall standings. Orange Rock had the most profitable position into this circle but the korean powerhouse strike them. T1 hit Orange Rock in the worst possible time and wipe them out. Luxxy drops soon but this small gap crowned BTR as champions yet again.

BOX Gaming ended the last map of PMWL by wiping out TSM and getting dominant finish with high number of kills.

  • BOX Gaming win the match with 16 kills and 36 points
  • TSM-Entity ranks second with 8 kills and 22 points
  • T1 rank third with 10 kills and 18 points

Overall Standings:


Bigetron RA rank number one globally and win the tournament. There was a time when it looked like they were crumbling down after they lose three players but that loss did not stop them from winning this series. They won the tournament with a very close point gap of 9 points and now take home $1,00,000.

Orange Rock exceeded everybody’s expectations today. They were performing consistently and were in the contest for top three finish but the win on third map changed their pace entirely. They covered a huge score gap contested for the top spot. They had an unfortunate elimination in the last match which ended their hopes of becoming the champions but they are on top for their region.

RRQ Athena was on the top at the start of this last day and slipped down to third place at the end. They underperformed during the last match and as a result, lose a big part of prize money and the title as well. BOX Gaming from Vietnam also could not regain their composure and had to settle down for the fourth spot.

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