PMWL East – Super Weekend W2D4: The rise of TSM-Entity

PMWL East W2D4 results

PMWL East Super Weekend continues again today with BOX Gaming performing excellent and TSM-Entity finally rising above them all with two chicken dinners.

PMWL Super Weekend Week Two Day Four Results:

  1. Bigetron RA – 299 pt – 123 kills
  2. RRQ Athena – 284 pt – 133 kills
  3. BOX Gaming – 266 pt – 99 kills
  4. GXR Celtz – 262 pt – 98 kills
  5. KOG Club – 248 pt – 105 kills
  6. Megastars – 242 pt – 89 kills
  7. Team Secret – 234 pt – 100 kills
  8. T1 – 200 pt – 64 kills
  9. Orange Rock – 198 pt – 84 kills
  10. TSM-Entity – 197 pt – 77 kills
  11. Valdus Esports -195 pt – 82 kills
  12. SynerGE – 195 pt – 76 kills
  13. Team IND – 161 pt – 68 kills
  14. Yodoo Gank – 161 pt – 51 kills
  15. Reject Scarlett – 155 pt – 55 kills
  16. U Level UP – 86 pt – 31 kills
  17. No Chance Team – 76 pt – 32 kills
  18. Free Style – 61 pt – 23 kills

kTeam Performances:

RRQ Athena:

RRQ was not having one of their best days as they had four bad finishes and one top three match. They did manage to secure some points and remain in the top three but lacked their usual consistency. RRQ slide to second spot on overall rankings but they have tomorrow’s day to claim back the top spot.

Bigetron Red Aliens:

Bigetron had a very bad start today with two consecutive matches of bad finishes. The next three games they pulled wonders as they always found their way into end circles and claim the top 5 placement by any means. They take out RRQ and now stand at the top of scoreboards. The reigning champions are looking strong to get their next trophy this year.

GXR Celtz:

They had a great day yesterday but lacked consistency today. Three maps of decent finishes and two bad games put them into bad spot today. They have already collected high amount of points so today’s slump won’t affect them much, but they will have to come back stronger tomorrow. They still remain in the top 4 spot in overall rankings so they will have to move on looking at today as just a bad experience.

Orange Rock

Orange Rock clearly had a bad day today. With just one top 3 finish and then all games ending in double digit ranks, they look weak heading into end of third day of Super Weekend. They slide down to 9th rank in overall standings. They are struggling with the strategies and decisions about rotations as well. They should try to improve their negatives and perform like they did in the opening week and first league play week.

Team Secret:

Team Secret is slowly but surely making progress in the league stages. They were inefficient in last week but beautifully covered the gap in this week. They managed to get good amount of points with high kills as they had decent games today as compared to other teams. They end the last match on second spot with high amount of kills. They jump to 7th position in overall leaderboards.

U Level UP

They emerge victorious in Vikendi but had a bad run into other matches. The win have allowed them to have decent average points but they must perform better tomorrow. They are playing into Super Weekend for the first time but are performing excellent and will quickly catch up to other teams as well. They are still at 16th spot but grabbing 86 points in 10 games is a feat in itself.


The grab the win in the third map of Miramar as well as last match of Erangel with high amount of kills. They recently relocated out of their bootcamp due to some issues and the this change has woken the sleeping beasts. Their decisions might be a bit hasty at times but their gun power always covers up for it. They make a huge leap in overall scoreboards after today’s matches as they land into top 10 by collecting 72 points in a single day. That is a great start for them.


They grab the first win in today’s matches, excellent hold and co-ordinated rushes coming from SynerGE. One of the most consistent teams with their name as their core value but after their first win, they had four bad games and their overall points from today’s games remain below average. They fall down to 12th rank in overall standings.


Megastars started their day with a weak first game but they improved subsequently and performed wonderfully in the next matches. They again remain consistent into leaderboards. They are at 6th position overall and slowly but steadily climbing up the ladders.

Team IND:

IND started strong today but slides down as they games move on. It has been one of their worst performance in PMWL. They slide down to 13th spot overall and will have to climb back up in tomorrow’s games.

BOX Gaming:

They claim the victory on fourth map of Sanhok. They were super consistent today and showcased some excellent gameplay. They had two 2nd place finishes and one win. This allowed them to collect so many points today have a jump in leaderboards. They directly land into top three from today’s game. This has been an excellent performance for today’s matches.

KOG Club:

They had two good matches and two bad matches with one average performing map. This has not impacted much on their overall ranking but they are making steady progress and did not lose their spot from overall standings. They rank at 5th position in standings.

Free Style:

They had a decent run today. No big outplays or extraordinary matches from their side but they slowly making their way into the scoreboards. They currently sit at the bottom of overall standings.

Valdus Esports:

Valdus Esports has been consistent but today they lacked their usual play style. They had four bad games and recover a bit into the last match. Today’s bad performance led them to slip down to second half of scoreboards.

Reject Scarlett:

Usually Reject Scarlett isn’t seen into the top teams but today, they played excellently. They had four consistent games and one decent match today and racked up enough points to increase their points steadily. They are at the 15th spot.


T1 had a normal start in today’s matches. They are performing consistently throughout the weekend and we can see the changes in overall standings as well. They now stand at the 8th spot while recently they were low down in second half of scoreboards.