If you know a thing or two about CSGO knives, then you should know about the Fire & Ice knives of the game. Not only are those some of the best looking knives in the game, but they’re also in high demand in the CSGO marketplace and some of them can have insane prices.

What are Fire & Ice knives?

The Marble Fade skins of knives have many possible patterns depending on their float and “pattern index”. Some knives, namely the karambit, gut, bayonet and flip knives have a special pattern available which although very rare, looks extremely good on them due to the perfect blend of the red and blue sides. This specific pattern of these knives is known as the Fire & Ice pattern and is in high demand among collectors and casual players alike.

Generally, a Marble Fade knife contains three colours – red, blue and yellow. The ideal Fire & Ice knife would consist of 50% red and 50% blue on the play side with 0% yellow.

As soon as any hint of yellow appears on the playside, that knife is generally considered as a fake Fire & Ice.

Now let’s take a look at the Fire & Ice versions of specific knives.

Karambit Fire & Ice

The Karambit is, in general, one of the priciest knives in the Steam marketplace. The Fire & Ice variants of this knife are no exception either, their high demand fuels their high prices.

The 1st max Fire & Ice variant of the Karambit has the pattern Index of 412, with no trace of yellow on the play side.

The max fake version of the karambit Fire & Ice has a pattern index of 441, with slight traces of yellow appearing near the handle.

As the pattern shifts further to the right, more traces of yellow start appearing on the skin.

Gut Fire & Ice

A Gut Fire & Ice may be your ideal choice if your budget is tight. Not only are these knives cheaper in general, but their Fire & Ice variants can also be obtained at a relatively good price.

The 1st max Fire & Ice Gut knife has the pattern index of 412.

The max fake Gut Fire & Ice has a pattern index of 378.

Bayonet Fire & Ice

Bayonets can be pricey, but their sleek and elegant looks are generally worth it.

Similar to the others, the 1st Max has the pattern index of 412.

The max fake Bayonet Fire & Ice has the pattern index of 378.

Flip Fire & Ice

Flip knives are also on the cheaper side, but higher priced than the Gut knives. While these knives undoubtedly look good, the lack of new animations for the knives impact its price negatively.

Here’s the 1st max with the pattern index of 412.

The max fake Flip Fire & Ice has the pattern index of 48.

Here’s an extremely useful chart compiling all the variants of Fire & Ice knives. This list was made by “Pixel” on Steam and can be found in his guide.