PMWL 2020 East-Super Weekend: Week Two Day Three Results

PMWL Super Weekend Week Two Day Three Results

PUBG Mobile World League resumes to Super Weekend today. The top 16 teams selected from this week’s League Play will battle for the next three days and add points to the same scoreboard from the last week.

This weekend is crucial for teams like Free Style and U Level UP as they lack behind by a significant margin as they couldn’t qualify for last week.

Match One – Erangel:

The start of this map was slow but some interesting engagements took place after the loot and rotate phase. King of Gamers Club punished Valdus Esports for their poor rotation, as they rotated three members into a single car. KOG then played very safely as they did not even secure their kills and went for the zone leaving Valdus to be potentially strong again.

U Level UP engaged also engaged very oddly. They initiated a fight into open fields and instantly took heavy casualties. A last player from their side finally succumbed to the playzone. Team IND and Megastars were fighting at the bridge area and some unfortunate knocks resulted into them taking the first exit.

Teams like took early exit because of unexpected zone shifts. Bigetron punished BOX Gaming when they slammed near Bigetron. They got themselves into similar situation when Team Secret battered them hard.

The end circle was mostly open field, with only a single cover of shack for SynerGE. RRQ Athena played a great endurance game as they kept hold under overwhelming pressure and secured the second spot. GXR Celtz used their man advantage and rallied towards the victory.

  • GXR Celtz won the match with 10 kills and 30 points.
  • RRQ Athena ranks second with 10 kills and 24 points.
  • SynerGE ranks third with 4 kills and 14 points.

Match Two – Vikendi:

Vikendi is well known for its super slow gameplay but in this map, it reached to the extreme level. Three phases of circle shifted centrally including all the teams and absolutely no fights broke out till timer reached 15 minutes mark.

The first engagement was between Orange Rock and RRQ Athena. At the start, RRQ was at disadvantage as their convoy was trapped into water but that player, G9, played wonderfully. He got the initial knock, and then kept pressure until his team rotated above him and finished Orange Rock cleanly.

As the land mass shrunk, players started to fall like flies. Teams were eliminated in the blink of an eye and a very limited amount of players ended up in the final zones. One peculiar fight was seen between TSM and Valdus Esports. Valdus overpowered TSM and wiped them out.

BOX Gaming and Team Secret battered players who tried entering the zone and gathered good amount of kills. Both of these teams faced each other but Team Secret secured an easy win.

  • Team Secret won the map with 12 kills and 32 points.
  • KOG Club ranked second with 8 kills and 22 points.
  • Valdus The Murder came third with 8 kills and 16 points.

Match Three – Miramar:

Miramar starts with a few clashes all over the map. Some players land onto the same drop locations and have to lose their life without any trade. Even with some eliminations, no major fights broke out early on.

Orange Rock finds Bigetron rotating into the circle and burst down their vehicle. Orange Rock takes three easy kills and have a good start. The fights went neutral again for some time till the zone was small enough.

Celtz and TSM-Entity clashed each other into a fierce battle. Both sides traded few knocks and fight was elongated till the next circle shift. It was a 1 vs 1 and both of them had to move into playzone as soon as possible. A third-party play eliminates Celtz and playzone takes down TSM, as none of them emerged truly victorious.

At the same time, RRQ was fighting Megastars and RRQ wiped them out. The zone moved into urban finish and teams holding into the city had a strong position. U Level UP was the only team that had a huge amount of kills but lacked position points.

The last fight took place between T1 and KOG Club, where T1 grabbed the victory with less amount of kills.

  • T1 won the map with 5 kills and 25 points.
  • U Level UP ranked second with 11 kills and 17 points.
  • Team Secret ranked third with 7 kills and 17 points.

Match Four – Sanhok:

An early engagement was seen between Megastars and Reject Scarlett but Megastars manage to fend off Reject Scarlett and taking few kills in the process. The zone yet again shifted centrally and match was slowed down a bit.

Team IND was running for the circle but couldn’t quite make it. They were backstabbed at first and then lost the fight against Valdus Esports. They were pincered by Orange Rock and Valdus hence take an early exit.

Team Secret looks for an opportunity but gets backlash as three of their players get killed by SynerGE. As the zone entered into final stages, teams were dropping out like flies.

TSM-Entity was grabbing up kills while entering into the zone and eliminated many teams in the process. They were very strong in this match and they showcased their prowess with a grenade kill to grab the win.

  • TSM-Entity won the map with 12 kills and 32 points.
  • GXR Celtz ranks second with 8 kills and 22 points.
  • Free Style ranks third with 3 kills and 13 points.

Match Five – Erangel:

Last match of the day was a festival of blood right from the start. Two players of Reject Scarlett drop out instantaneously as they fight to secure a vehicle. The fights stopped for a while but it was the silence before the storm.

Bigetron put a stealthy bridge camp near Mylta and get two kills of Megastars out of it. Megastars subsequently get eliminated while trying to enter the zone. The fights got intense as zone started shrinking, teams like Bigetron RA and KOG Club stacked up kills and others faced the wrath.

Bigetron RA always put up a show for their audience. This time it was Ryzen who played the spoiler into the fights between KOG and Team IND. Ryzen got close to them and waits for an opportunity to pounce. When he sees the opening, he decimates the entire Team IND by himself.

Bigetron finally fought against Orange Rock. It started on a fair trade basis but Ryzen again managed to flank the opponents and get two knocks and his team followed up to secure the win

  • Bigetron Red Aliens win this match with 17 kills and 37 points.
  • KOG Club ranks second with 13 kills and 21 points.
  • Orange Rock ranks third with 6 kills and 20 points.

Overall Standings:


The first day in second Super Weekend overall has been incredible to watch and super intense with good show for the audience. RRQ Athena stays at the top but Bigetron RA have catched up with them and there is just two points gap remaining in between.

The day has been incredible for Bigetron, Celtz and also for King of Gamers Club. They have shown some outstanding performances today and have been consistent throughout. KOG Club lacked a little bit in last week but today they seem formidable, they grabbed high kills in today’s games.

A special mention comes to players of Bigetron RA. They have been absolute beasts till now in the tournament. They get into the top five almost everytime and today they managed to shine into the last game, incredible plays from their side.

Celtz and Megastars also has been performing great recently, especially Celtz. With their entry into super weekend last week and then picking up the pace, it goes without saying that they are one of the best hopes for India in grand finals.

TSM-Entity gets one win today and are rising in the rankings. If this performance remains consistent, we may see the TSM-Entity known for its domination soon in PMWL. Team IND and Orange Rock are definitely underperforming now and they have to get back into the games to obtain better points. Although Orange Rock is been fairly consistent, they just lack their old gameplay right now.

U Level UP and Free Style enters the lobby today and should continue to have a good run and try to catch up with rest of the teams.

Yodoo Gank is heavily inconsistent right now, they were table tops at the first day of weekend in last week and this time they have fallen down to 10th and not participating in this super weekend. This may end very badly if they don’t make a comeback in next week.