Carryminati and 8Bit Thug YouTube Channels Hacked

Carryminati and 8Bit Thug are very successful YouTubers and well known in the Indian Gaming Community. 8bit Thug’s official youtube channel alongside his email account and Carryminati’s second channel exclusive for Gaming has been hacked.

Yesterday, 8bit Thug announced through his instagram handle that his Youtube account and email has been hacked and he is working with the YouTube officials into this matter.

This news was followed up by Carryminati who also revealed that his second YouTube channel “CarryisLive”, where he used to stream and upload gaming content, has been hacked in today’s wee hours.

He is also working with his team and YouTube officials and trying to get back his account.

8Bit Thug has been appointed as a caster for PUBG Mobile World League West. Despite having lost his account earlier yesterday, he continued to cast the tournament in high spirits, this shows his professionalism towards esports. His friends and partners have extended a hand of support and actively working with him on this matter.

Last year, a similar co-ordinated hacking spree occured during september. The common mode of hack used was phishing at that time, and it is unclear how yesterday’s hack took place.