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PUBG Mobile World League – League Play: Week Two Day One Results

PMWL League Play will resume its seeding stage today. This stage will resume for next two days the scoreboards will reset today. Twenty teams will reshuffle and again fight for their spot in Super Weekend of week two.

Match One – Erangel:

We start the second week on the homeground of Erangel. The action we saw in the last week league play resumed in this week as teams clashed early on. RRQ Athena marked their presence as they eliminate BOX Gaming very early.

NOVA-GodLike and Yodoo Gank clashed while rotating and NOVA took two early casualties and an unfortunate exit later while they were again rotating. They have to improve on this and perform better. Orange Rock took a calculated fight with No Chance Team and wiped them easily.

Through the middle phases, the map picked up its pace. TSM-Entity regained their form today as they clash with Bigetron head on and wipe them out. They subsequently finished in top five and have a consistent start.

Orange Rock was stacking up kills while simultaneously responding to zone shifts. They had a very good run but unfortunately lost their numbers in the process and finally a single man was left standing against Free Style. Free Style utilized their man and zone advantage and won this first match.

FreeStyle won this map with 8 kills and 28 points. Orange rock came second with 12 kills and 26 points. Reject Scarlett were third with 6 kills and 16 points.

Match Two – Sanhok:

Sanhok is always the map full of surprises. Three teams dropped into bootcamp but none of them engaged in any way, except of exchanging some bullets. A odd fight took place when T1 left bootcamp and caught GodLike rotating yet again.

T1 got some easy knocks on NOVA-GodLike and finally eliminated them on 16th spot. A stalemate situation was seen into bootcamp, there were four teams but none of them pushed onto other. Some engagements happened on other side of the map and KoG took an early exit.

The zone heavily shifted to rocky mountains in the Northwest of this map. Orange Rock was in a favourable position to rotate in but couldn’t make it and got wiped out. A prolonged fight between Yodoo Gank, Celtz and U Level UP was happening out of the zone and only U Level UP survived it.

A noteworthy play was seen by Microboy from BTR. He pulled a perfect grenade and wiped T1 and killed three players of No Chance Team in a clutch moment. Unfortunately they were out of the zone and couldn’t get any benefits further.

Valdus Esports won the match with 10 kills and 30 points. Bigetron was second with 10 kills and 6 points. U Level UP was third with 1 kill and 15 points.

Match Three – Erangel:

TSM and Reject Scarlett start this match in an exciting run for a vehicle. Both sides trade one player and move on into their loot drop. They again face each other and TSM get revenge on their lost player. They kill three players of Reject Scarlett in the process.

Another fight was happening on the other side, one player of T1 was pushed by Box Gaming but a good backup and third party saved T1 and it was an upset for BOX Gaming. TSM-Entity rotated early into the circle and got a compound to hold till the last circles.

Beer11 of RRQ Athena pulled a huge outplay. He somehow crawled to the edge of circle and behind Valdus Esports. He spots three players but did not shoot at them, he cooks up a grenade, knocks two players by Valdus Esports and then finished off the last one. This was one of the best outplay in the history of competitive PUBG Mobile.

The playmaker, Beer11 somehow again got into the last circle and it was a 1 vs 2 situation against T1. He again almost clutched this situation by flanking one player and giving a tough fight to other but couldn’t steal the victory.

T1 won this map with 7 kills and 27 points. Bigetron came second with 10 kills and 20 points. RRQ was third with 5 kills and 19 points.

Match Four – Sanhok:

Sanhok yet again doesn’t fail to surprise us. The map was sanhok but entire game meta was followed like the map of Vikendi. It was a very slow start and no one clashed each other. The circle took a heavy shift into water bodies which is what we usually see in Vikendi.

Yodoo Gank pulled up a very harsh play onto BOX Gaming. They just hold on to their positions till players of BOX get closer and then just instantly wiped them out. It must be very surprising for BOX Gaming.

The fights were a mix of third-party plays and zone gate-keeping. T1 wiped Celtz with the use of hand-grenades. Team Secret and Bigetron struggled to get in and were wiped in the process. The zone massively favoured TSM-Entity. They fragged heavily into this game but couldn’t find the higher rank position.

The fight was between U Level UP and Reject Scarlett. Reject Scarlett perhaps made some bad decisions and just rushed onto players of U Level UP. With the TPP advantage and their gun skills, U Level UP won this match.

U Level UP won this match with 6 kills and 26 points. Reject Scarlett ranked second with 7 kills and 21 points. TSM-Entity was third with 9 kills and 16 points.

Match Five – Erangel:

Last match of the day gets a heated start as teams clash early on. No team got eliminated in this but few of them lost players early on. U Level UP, the winners of last match couldn’t show any impactful gameplay in this match and get eliminated quickly.

NOVA-GodLike continues to land in rough spot yet again, they just couldn’t do anything and get eliminated early on. TSM-Entity also performed inconsistent in this last match and took an early exit.

The zone heavily shifted towards southern part of main island and there was a lot of mountainous terrain to work around. Teams flushed out each other pretty fast and the killfeed never stopped running. Team Secret had a good run in this match as they stacked up kills in all of this.

Orange Rock benefitted from their early rotation and hold into a single shack which granted them a fairly easy third spot. Team Secret continued their dominance and won this match.

Team Secret won the match with 15 kills and 35 points. Megastars came second with 7 kills and 21 points. Team IND was third with 7 kills and 15 points.

Overall Standings:


Valdus Esports and U Level UP have made it to the top three of these leaderboards. U Level UP was one of teams which could not play last week’s Super Weekend but they look strong entering into the League Play of second week.

We have Bigetron in the top three but since the start of PMWL, they have been that much consistent that it’s a regular thing for them to maintain.

This has been a great start for TSM-Entity as they managed to perform to the level their fans from them. They have to continue this form into the Super Weekend as well to actually make an impact entering into grand finals.

T1 is also living upto its name now, ending in the top five. They have improved and adapted to this fierce competition and should continue this till the end.

Teams like MORPH and Free Style are in the top 16 at the end of day one and need to remain in that list to be able to play in the Super Weekend.

NOVA-GodLike is yet again underperforming and are having a very bad run. If they could not get into super weekend of week two, their chance of dropping out before grand finals rise drastically. They must rise again at any costs and perform to qualify for finals.

BOX Gaming, Team IND and KOG Club also sit in the bottom four. They have performed before in the last weekend and we expect the same for tomorrow.

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