PUBG Mobile World League East – Grand Finals Day Two Results: RRQ Athena dominates with three wins

PMWL Grand Finals Day Two ends with a rocking performance by RRQ Athena getting three chicken dinners in today’s matches and securing the top three position. Bigetron RA, the champions, yet again claim the top spot on the second day.

Match One – Erangel:

First match of the day began with an incredible shift in playzone hanging between both the islands and teams had tough call to rotate on the southern island or not. Team IND and MegaStars camped their two respective bridges and Bigetron was seen making a very early rotation.

TSM-Entity pushed towards the only compound near the playzone on the main island which was occupied by Valdus Esports. TSM-Entity yet again got the opening frags but tumbled down while trying to push. They did regain their composure but Valdus got enough time to revive back two players and disengage. Orange Rock entered the fray and played spoilers for both of these teams, wiping out both of them slowly and losing two players as well.

The instantaneous southern shift forced teams to make uncomfortable rotations through water body and many players gave away their kills to Team IND who was waiting for them at the beach. After wiping almost everybody by the coastline, IND crashed into Bigetron and took then down succumbed to the playzone damage.

T1, Megastars and Galaxy Racers Celtz made their way to the top three by taking down many teams and finally a messy fight started where T1 got the advantage and won the first match.

  • T1 won the map with 6 kills and 26 points.
  • Megastars ranked second with 6 kills and 20 points.
  • Team IND ranked third with 11 kills and 18 points.

Match Two – Vikendi:

Vikendi starts very slowly and the usual meta of loot and rotate was observed till the teams were forced to fight for claiming the landmass for themselves. Orange Rock tried rotating past many squads and lost two players in the process.

Reject Scarlett did some kind of uncertain play where they were not fully committed to the push and tried to run away from the fight. Valdus Esports rained bullets on them from the backside and eliminated them instantly.

Many teams dropped in a few seconds after a hard shift of the zone forced players to move in. RRQ Athena was almost wiped out by Valdus Esports and Megastars completed the job for Valdus. Megastars also fought against Valdus but both of them could not enter the last circle.

After a bloodbath and chaos, the fight calmed down and KOG Club faced Bigetron in the final battle. Bigetron gave a tough fight but KOG Club emerged victorious.

  • Bigetron RA rank first with 10 kills and 24 points.
  • KOG Club won the match but rank second with 4 kills and 24 points.
  • Valdus Esports rank third with 9 kills and 14 points.

Match Three – Erangel:

BOX Gaming started off this game with a fight with GXR Celtz for a compound that is very well versed by BOX Gaming. They manage to find out angles on Celtz and despite giving a good battle, Celtz get eliminated on the 16th spot.

BOX Gaming could not savor their victory as the zone moved away from them and they had to move into the circle. They clashed with Team IND and instantly got eliminated without putting much of a fight.

Bigetron RA pushed onto TSM-Entity and overpowered them by getting opening frags and finishing the job cleanly. Although they had to face IND almost instantly, they could not react that fast and took an early exit. Teams dropped very fast as the circle moved towards an open field finish.

Orange Rock entered the circle from northern side and got a favourable position on the opposite side of the road. They had to face the full squad of RRQ and they clashed in a fierce battle. Both sides traded kills and it was a 1v1 situation in the end. Viru from Orange Rock did a small misplay as he couldn’t read his opponent’s location instantly and had to drop out while trying to land a grenade and tanking damage simultaneously.

  • RRQ Athena won the match with 15 kills and 35 points
  • Orange Rock rank second with 9 kills and 23 points
  • U Level UP rank third with 4 kills and 14 points

Match Four – Miramar:

The sandy mountains of Miramar witnessed no action at the start of this map. As the landmass of this map is huge and there are so many ridges to play around, no teams usually battle against each other unless they are forced to do so.

Orange Rock and Reject Scarlett fought at the start where Orange Rock had three knocked players but the former makes an absurd decision to send in a single player to wipe out the team and they pay the price as Orange Rock stays alive and Reject Scarlett lose one player.

Reject Scarlett later capitalised on the engagement when they took down Yodoo Gank and Orange Rock one after the other. After a long massacre throughout the map, only few remained standing and Neyoo from TSM tried to clutch for his team but unfortunately BOX Gaming take him down.

RRQ Athena remain calm throughout the map and strike the teams on a very crucial time as they take away the win with less number of kills but gain necessary placement points.

  • RRQ Athena won the match with 6 kills and 26 points.
  • BOX Gaming rank second with 10 kills and 24 points.
  • Team IND rank third with 6 kills and 16 points.

Match Five – Sanhok:

MegaStars and Valdus Esports faced against each other after the initial looting phase. Megastars had the upper hand in this fight when they took down two players of Valdus Esports but they did not anticipate the position of other players as they take heavy damage in retaliation and get eliminated early on.

KOG Club was battered down by Team Secret and TSM-Entity entered the fray from the other side and claimed two kills for themselves. TSM was later caught in a tricky situation,split in two parts and pincered by RRQ Athena and Yodoo Gank but two players held patiently and found two opening kills and successfully managed to regroup.

RRQ Athena could not handle the damage as they tried to rotate away but SynerGE catches them and gets two easy kills. The middle phase of this map is always a chaotic massacre and this time it was even more bloody. Teams were eliminated like flies and very few managed to survive.

Bigetron RA were gifted a circle and they utilized it perfectly as they manage to kill all the surrounding players remaining proned in the grasslands and finally win the match. Team IND performed impressively yet again as they had high number of kills but died due to zone disadvantage.

  • Bigetron RA won the match with 11 kills and 31 points
  • Team IND rank second with 7 kills and 17 points
  • TSM-Entity rank third with 9 kills and 15 points

Match Six – Erangel:

The last game of day two was utter madness as the circle ended in the most unexpected way. TSM-Entity started this map with a fight against Celtz and cleanly eliminating them.

The zone moved away from Ferry Peir area and all the teams in the city ran towards a single compound and three teams were rammed into a single house. U Level UP kept their patience and let Yodoo Gank and BOX Gaming fight. After all the massacre was over, they simply drop down to secure four easy kills.

The circle shifted to 80% water area at phase six, this meant almost no land mass was available for play and hence teams had to make a run of their life and pray for the best outcome. TSM did such a thing and directly dived into RRQ and BTR’s fight and wiped out Bigetron. RRQ instantly responded and wiped TSM as well.

The circle almost ended in the waters and RRQ was only team standing. Orange Rock tried to challenge them but made the attempt was unsuccessful. Bigetron managed to take a win in one of the quirkiest matches of competitive PUBG Mobile. SynerGE gets the second spot by playing a patient game and staying into waters for longest time possible.

  • RRQ Athena won the match with 12 kills and 32 points.
  • KOG Club rank second with 10 kills and 18 points.
  • SynerGE ranked third with 3 kills and 17 points.

Overall Standings: