OnePlus partners with PUBG Mobile to bring exclusive 90fps game mode for its devices

OnePlus has partnered up with PUBG Mobile to bring in 90fps mode for its flagship smartphones. The frame rate experience is exclusive to these devices for a month and may open soon for other flagship devices globally.

OnePlus recently teased about some sort of collaboration with PUBG Mobile when the official handle tweeted the following post and got overwhelming response from the community.

The OnePlus community quickly started guessing about this partnership and many of the guesses pointed towards the higher FPS mode. The announcement came shortly afterwards when they revealed that OnePlus will be the first ever brand to get the exclusive 90FPS experience.

The collaboration is temporarily exclusive from 6 August to 7 September and will be available on the OnePlus 8 series, OnePlus 7T series and OnePlus 7 Pro. Mainland China, Korea and Japan are excluded from the experience and details over the decision are not mentioned.

After 7th September, the 90FPS experience may go global to all the flagship devices that has a higher refresh rate. iPhone users cannot opt for this feature as most of the devices are still running on 60Hz screens but some iPads which have 120Hz can opt for this 90FPS experience.

The 90fps experience was one of the most awaited feature in PUBG Mobile community. The demand over this feature was rising when it was released in PUBG Mobile’s Chinese counterpart Game for Peace and finally 90fps can be availed globally and most probably soon on all other flagship devices as well.

This 90fps is a gamechanger as PUBG Mobile esports is growing heavily and a smoother gameplay will allow players to be more versatile in this game and rise the bars set by current professional players.