PUBG Mobile World League – League Play: Week Two Day Two Results

PMWL League Play Week Two Day One Results

PUBG Mobile World League heads into its last day of qualifier matches for the second week of Super Weekend. Five matches are scheduled for today and it is going to be shuffled between maps of Erangel and Sanhok. Yodoo Gank and No Chance team out for this super weekend along with NOVA-GodLike and MORPH Team.

Match One – Sanhok:

The day starts on the grasslands of Sanhok. While being a relatively fast paced map, today the action was stalled till the fights were forced due to playzone. Nobody contested their drop locations and only few skirmishes were seen.

Reject Scarlett gave heavy damage to Bigetron right at the start. Two players of BTR were caught off-guard and instantly knocked down. Although getting early knocks, they could not secure it as Megastars steal away those kills.

Valdus Esports and TSM faced each other where Valdus “the murderer” overpowered TSM-Entity with utility usage and wiped them out. Teams like BTR, No Chance took big casualties and took an early exit.

NOVA-GodLike has a good start today. They stack up kills while holding a compound with a good height advantage. They made their way into top two but couldn’t stop Team Secret who take the win in this first map.

  • Team Secret won the map with 10 kills and 30 points.
  • NOVA-GodLike ranked second with 6 kills and 20 points.
  • Valdus The Murder ranked third with 8 kills and 18 points.

Match Two – Erangel:

This map had a pretty unusual start. The plane was headed into the northern section and zone was shrinking steadily into the southern island. The usual rotations and early positioning was seen by many teams.

SKT T1 tries to get an early rotation into the circle through the sea but NOVA-GodLike had other plans for them. GodLike started firing on T1 and they took a heavy loss of two players while crossing the waters. It was déjà vu moment for GodLike soon, as they tried a similar rotation but was punished by Orange Rock.

Heavy fights were breaking out on the eastern bridge and many teams took exit when trying to rotate in. Bigetron was the only team to rotate from that zone alive. Orange Rock did a successful water rotation but there was no cover across the beach and they were quickly eliminated.

BOX Gaming were having a great match on their side. They eliminated players and gathered kills very swiftly. SynerGE was the only team that challenged them in the last fight. They fought excellent with a two man disadvantage and turned the tides onto BOX Gaming. Despite wining the match, BOX Gaming ranked first in the scoreboard due to their kills.

  • BOX Gaming ranked first with 14 kills and 28 points.
  • SynerGE ranked second with 6 kills and 26 points.
  • MORPH Team was third with 3 kills and 13 points.

Match Three – Sanhok:

This map starts with the usual fast paced gameplay in this map. Bootcamp was contested by MORPH and No Chance and both took fights on the outskirts of the big city. Both of them manage to disengage with less damage taken.

T1 and Megastars clashed very early and Megastars overpowered T1 as they push towards them and wipe them out easily. SynerGE was confident while engaging with TSM but some things went wrong for them. They stalled the fight long enough that TSM revived their players, also they were taking damage from other team. This led to SynerGE taking a early elimination.

As the match was moving towards its ending phase, teams started dropping very fast and only four teams were left standing after this bloodbath ended. TSM had a good position in the circle bur Bigetron eliminates them.

Bigetron took an impressive fight in the end. They simultaneously fought with two teams and won this game keeping all of their players intact.

  • Bigetron won the map with 9 kills and 29 points.
  • Free Style ranked second with 2 kills and 16 points.
  • RRQ Athena came third with 4 kills and 14 points.

Match Four – Erangel:

No Chance Team yet again has a bad start. They loot up and try rotating through the paths that are usually used by Team IND. IND gets some knocks onto them and then No Chance runs into some other team and gets eliminated very early.

A three sided engagement was seen across the roads in northern side of the map. Bigetron, U Level UP and TSM were looking for a fight. U Level UP cooks perfect grenades and players of bigetron eat the damage. Bigetron could not recover from this and gets wiped out.

The zone ends in a very awkward position, split by a river and some stones and a bridge for players to play around. Yodoo Gank get some early advantages and manage to wipe team like T1 but could not enter the circle.

King Of Gamers Club predicted the zone perfectly and kept holding their positions and got some good kills. In the final circle, they were the only ones standing on the land and won this match nice and easy.

  • King of Gamers Club win this match with 6 kills and 26 points.
  • Yodoo Gank rank second with 11 kills and 16 points.
  • Reject Scarlett ranks third with 9 kills and 16 points.

Match Five – Sanhok:

Last map of the day starts very hot as two big names, SynerGE and RRQ Athena battle for the control of city of Pai Nan. Both of these teams worked with whatever weapons they got right after landing and had a fierce fight. SynerGE overwhelms RRQ and wipes them with a player loss on their side.

All the fights were put into stalemate until the middle phase of the map. Orange Rock lost two players when MORPH trapped them by a stealthy play. Later they tried a long rotation through hill ranges but were wiped in the process.

The zone heavily shifted in the southern section and it was a very hard rotation for all the teams located on the northern island. Some of them got into the ending zones but with a heavy loss of players.

The zone heavily favoured the teams which were into the lower bracket of score leaderboards. The last battles were fought to get themselves into the super weekend. NOVA-GodLike had a decent run in this map as they finish in a better position. Celtz and KOG Club face each other in the last fight where Celtz assert their dominance.

  • GXR Celtz win this map with 9 kills and 29 points.
  • King of Gamers Club rank second with 2 kills and 16 points.
  • U Level UP ranks third with 5 kills and 15 points.

Overall Standings:


Bigetron RA yet again runs on the top spot. This shows their marvelous consistency and they have been performing to the absolute pinnacle of their gameplay. They may get some rough matches in their way but in the end, they always manage to cover it up and get that top finish in their hands.

Team Secret gets the second spot in the second week of league play. They have been playing inconsistently in the past few days of super weekend but now they seem to have a good grasp onto their enemies and get into second week of super weekend in a indomitable form.

Valdus Esports finish this league play in third spot. They are playing excellent and should continue with this form while entering the super weekend.

It is exciting to see Free Style and U Level UP stepping up their gameplay and get their spot into the second weekend. They were not able to participate last week and this will be an opportunity for them to make a comeback.

MORPH Team and NOVA-GodLike were again into the lower brackets along with Yodoo Gank and No Chance Team. Both of these teams will be at huge deficit of points as they will try again in the next week.

It was an unexpected performance from Yodoo Gank, they won three matches consecutively in the opening of last weekend and here they couldn’t finish into top sixteen. They will have to re-evaluate their gameplay this week and get a fresh start in the league play of next week.