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Natus Vincere reorganized; S1mple in Zeus out

CSGO recent announcement includes some of the hottest stuff of the season. S1mple will replace Zeus in Natus Vincere CSGO Roster.

As recently announced on Natus Vincere’s Website and social media, stating that their CS:Go roster will be dropping out their in-game leader ‘Zeus’. Finally, it is out that S1mple will be replacing Zeus. Recently, after S1mple’s contract with Team Liquid came to an end the community was a bit sceptical for a new home for S1mple. However, it was speculated that Natus Vincere will be the new home for S1mple. Eventually, which is now correct, Navi announces S1mple in the main Squad.

Although Zeus will retain the Natus Vincere contract but will go inactive for a period of time. The organisation also mentioned that they will be having many other options for Zeus which will be announced later in this month.

Statement from Director of Natus Vincere 

“Today I feel both elated, because we have signed one of the most talented and promising players of the world, and sad, because the Natus Vincere epoch of Daniil Teslenko, who has not only been the team’s veteran IGL and a captain, but also one of the organization’s founding fathers, has come to an end.

I would like to comment on each of these cases separately. Regarding Oleksandr’s arrival, I believe that this transfer has a potential of becoming one of the most successful in the CS:GO history, given how high-skilled, motivated and demanding towards his teammates this player has proven to be. I hope that we are at the outset of long and productive cooperation. I would like to personally thank Daniil Teslenko for everything he has done for Na`Vi, his great devotion, victories, sincerity, and dependability. The career you had is what most of the world can only dream of! Daniil, you are a legend!!!

Also, I want to thank Team Liquid and Victor Goossens for helping to make this transfer possible. Despite offering more financially beneficial terms, they met us halfway and took the player’s ambitions and interests into consideration, so they deserve enormous respect! It is amazing to work with professionals.

And now we are ready to move forward and reach new heights. DAVI NAVI!”
Yevhen “HarisPilton” Zolotarov

The Director himself believes that the current changes in the roster will be proven worthy and it will also help the retain a top position in the current CS:Go scene. With all high skilled players in the current line-up, Natus Vincere CS:Go is now ready to take up the challenges coming forward.

Statement from CSGO Team Manager

Everyone must be curious why we have done that, and it’s quite easy to explain. The time has come. Everything flows everything changes. It’s time for Daniil to go, and for a young and talented player to replace him in our lineup. 

The recent results our team has scored have been quite solid. We became one of the most consistent teams on the CS:GO scene, but no matter how hard we tried, the major gold has been out of reach. We also underperformed in such leagues as ESL and ELEAGUE. Despite the number of the finals they played, our guys started losing motivation and belief in the team’s success. Their synergy started to fade away, and it all resulted in what we saw unfold at the previous major and the ELEAGUE LAN. Is it surprising? Turns out, sometimes it happens. We realized that we can’t be complacent with second places. It is true that second and fourth finishes are always the most disappointing ones…

The loss in the final can affect the morale a lot harder than when you fail to advance out of the group. I am not saying that Daniil is the reason why it all happened, of course not. Here everyone played his part – we were winning and losing together, after all. At times we didn’t put every effort we could into the game, and on some days we played at our limit, but the long-awaited win was still unobtainable. We always lacked something, finishing second turned into some kind of a pattern, and as I said, the team’s synergy started to fade. You can’t stay the best without it. Perhaps, we could go without this change, but in the world where the competition is so tough, we have to be ready to undertake such measures. And it is normal because eSports becomes more professional.

Nobody knows how this change will impact the performance of our guys, but we do realize changes are what we really need. We believe that with s1mple’s arrival we will achieve it. Here it’s the battle between experience and youth. Today we choose youth, and only time will tell what is going to happen next. 

I would like to thank Daniil for everything. Being your manager wasn’t an easy task, but it surely was a very, very interesting one. I wish you to stay in this developing industry, there are lots of opportunities, and your leadership qualities will surely help you do well. I am sure that we will continue working together in the future!”

-Eugene “ugin” Erofeev

As stated by the team manager, the organisation have no harsh feelings with Zeus. To achieve something in upcoming majors and tournament, Natus Vincere decides to recruit a young talent by further pushing up the limits. The changes in the roster are made as per the perspective of winning a Major event and it is regarded by the manager that they can attain a commanding lead over the scene after this particular roster change.

Statement From S1mple

“I am really happy to join this great organization and be part of my favorite lineup with the world’s best players on it. I will do everything I can to achieve big goals together with the team”

-Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev

S1mple looks promising to the team and also fits the play style of how Navi plays. We wish S1mple and Zeus all the best for their upcoming future.

Vishal 'Arrow' Gupta
Vishal 'Arrow' Gupta
Being following the esports scene for past 5 years as a player a.k.a Arrow, Vishal has worked with top-notch eSports organization as a writer. Arrow's vision is to provide worthy content to the community to improve with all the resources available at the disposal. Love's travelling and covering eSports events on the go!

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