Valorant patch 1.13

In a world where gamers were fed-up with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Riot came up with a similar game to suffice the desire of the community. On 2nd July 2020, Riot Games diversified from their M.O. dropping their first FPS game which took over the community in mere days. The demand for its beta was something unprecedented and Riot hasn’t looked back ever since.

Riot designed Valorant to be a competitive shooter which the game is delivering on in full force. The viewership it’s getting is something every esports title could envy. The game was initially released as f2p for PC with reports suggesting a console release which at this point seems a far-fetched dream.

xbox valorant

In an interview with Esports Talk, Valorant executive producer Anna Donlon confirmed that there was beta in the works for a console release. They were reluctant to drop it because they wanted it to be as close to perfect as possible. She also confirmed that there won’t be any console release as long as they don’t “nail it”.

A disappointing conclusion for Xbox owners expecting to hop onto the Valorant bandwagon. Riot will not release a beta unless they are sure of things going as they want. They already have their hands full with the PC version of the game which ensures no beta launches for consoles in the near future, but it’s something they did not rule out and so shouldn’t we.

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